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Democracy Review 2018

The Democracy Review

The Democracy Review saw thousands of members and organisations submit their ideas to help us build a movement that works for the many, not the few.

In order to ensure our vision for a country which works for the many not the few, it is essential that our Party’s structure and rules allow us to build a mass movement.

I would like to pay tribute to Katy Clark, Andy Kerr and Claudia Webbe for their role in the Democracy Review and thank Malcolm Powers for the support he provided to them as a Review team. Most of all I would like to thank Labour Party members who engaged with the Review and the more than 11,425 Party organisations and individuals who made submissions.

These recommendations are simply the beginning of empowering our local parties  and affiliates to reach the communities we seek to represent. They are the basis for a change in our party to open up policy and decision making, to create the mass movement that will carry us to power.

Ian Lavery MP, Labour Party Chair

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