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NEC CLP Section (Div III) Statements

NEC CLP Section (Div III) Candidate Statements

Below are the candidate statements that have been submitted for the NEC CLP Section (Div III).

Please refer to these for your CLP nomination meetings.


Luke Akehurst

Membership Number



I voted for Keir Starmer in the leadership election and I want to work on the NEC to make his leadership a success; to reunite and rebuild a divided and demoralised Labour Party after four consecutive General Election defeats; and to get Labour into fighting shape for the next General Election.

A Labour activist for 32 years, I am passionate about tackling poverty and inequality. As a parent and cancer survivor I will fight to defend our NHS and schools from Tory cuts. Support the closest possible links with Europe. Want zero tolerance of antisemitism, Islamophobia and racism. NEC Member 2010-2012, strong record of fairness and defending democracy in taking decisions, openness and accountability in reporting back to members. Extensive campaigning experience: Borough Campaign Manager in four Hackney elections increasing Labour seats from 29 to 50; parliamentary candidate Aldershot and Castle Point; full-time Organiser in Camden. Councillor 2002-2014, trade unionist (Unite) 27 years. Member of Co-op Party and Fabians.

With three decades experience of campaigning, on the NEC my absolute focus will be turning Labour back into an election-winning party.

I recommend also voting for Baxter, Paul, Payne, Singh Josan, Tatler, and Black, Griffin, Sherriff.


Contact Channels

[email protected]


Bodrul Amin

Membership Number



We have seen the harmful effects of factionalism within our party. That’s why I’m standing as an independent allied to no faction within our party. It’s vital that we have an independent voice who will hold the leadership to account and be able to provide honest and constructive feedback as to how we can move forward and win as a party. I campaigned for Keir Starmer for leader of our party and I hope to offer a new and fresh voice.

As a teacher, NEU trade union activist, employment lawyer for the BMA and trade union lawyer with Thompsons Solicitors, I have spent my working life fighting for rights at work.

As an NEC representative, I will fight for:

-A review of the party structure to ensure that the party is reflective of BAME and younger voters

-An internationalist party that will speak out against human rights abuses around the world

Millions of workers and families face financial difficulties and an uncertain future. We need to be a powerful and united voice for these people.

We have seen the transformative power of a Labour government. No more factions or divisions. Let us unite and put Labour back in power.


Contact Channels

[email protected]



Dave Anderson

Membership Number



To form the next Government, we must win back the so-called “red wall” seats, and Scotland, both of which I know well.

I worked for 36 years as a coal miner in Doncaster and County Durham, and a care worker, learning first hand how important Labour is to those who need us most. I applied those lessons during 12 years as the Member of Parliament for Blaydon, in North East England.

As an activist at every level of our movement for almost half a century, I have always sought to bring people around our common interests.

I have served as a lay trade union representative at all levels in the National Union of Mineworkers and NUPE, becoming National President of Unison and a member of the TUC General Council.

In parliament I served under 4 different party leaders; as a Parliamentary Private Secretary in Education, Defence and the Foreign Office; two stints in the Opposition Whips Office before becoming the Shadow Secretary of State for both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

My track record in constituency work can be seen by my trebling my majority in 3 General elections and doubling the number of Labour councillors in my patch.

Contact Channels

[email protected]



Johanna Baxter

Membership Number



We need to change to win and win we must.

COVID-19 has changed how we live. Our country faces a looming economic crises the like of which we’ve never seen in our lifetime.

We need to offer solutions as well as solidarity – a credible, radical, alternative that creates jobs, tackles climate change, and invests in the health and education of our nation.

Only by bringing together our broad church and harnessing the talents of our 580,000 members will we return a socialist Labour government.

I’m a member of 24 years, a CLP Chair, SEC member and the lead Trade Union negotiator for local government workers in Scotland. I’ve campaigned for Labour at every election since I joined.

Elect me and I will:
• Publish NEC reports, and attend CLP meetings wherever I can. From 2010-2016 I personally visited over 180 CLPs to engage members.
• Not be afraid of speaking truth to power.
• Campaign for robust and speedy independent processes to deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination in all its forms.
• Fight to break down barriers to participation in our party.
• Work relentlessly for a Labour win.

I’m supporting Akehurst, Paul, Payne, Singh Josan, Tatler, Black, Griffin, Sherriff.

Contact Channels

[email protected]


Ekua Bayunu

Membership Number



I’m on the ballot because you recognised the need for our leadership bodies to have members with diverse skills, experiences and knowledge if our Party is to serve all its constituents.

I’m a black socialist, proud to have your support and trust. Thank you.

Through this process, you have helped me hone my key priorities. See Contact Channels

My core values remain the same. I will fight for and serve Membership-led Democracy and promote Equality, Transparency and Accessibility. The key principles by which we can deliver a viable socialist Government for this country.

I’ve also had positive principled conversations with comrades about the STV election process. I’ve learned;

Don’t believe the hype about the impenetrable bureaucracy.

Believe in and take our power as ordinary members and defenders of democracy

Research the candidates and vote for ALL the principled, experienced and ideologically sound candidates you find.

List them all in order of your preference. List 15 if you can find 15 you believe in. I can.

I’d appreciate being your first preference.

Remember. You actually only have ONE transferable vote. Make sure it’s not lost.

Supported by Labour Black Socialists and Labour Left Alliance. Check out all the candidates they endorse.

Contact Channels


[email protected]

Alex Beverley

Membership Number



Through my work in NHS mental health services and domestic abuse I have seen first-hand how Tory policies impact on the most vulnerable in society. That is why I became an activist.

I am dedicated to ensuring our Party is a place that represents and welcomes people from across the diversity of Britain.

As Women’s Officer I have pioneered women’s led canvassing and helped increase the representation of women in Plymouth. I am co-chair of LGBT+ Labour South West and LGBT+ Rep on the REC.

I have led campaigns in the marginal seat of Plymouth Sutton and Devonport where we’ve consistently bucked the national trend regaining the Parliamentary seat and holding the council.

My priorities:

➙ A fully independent sexual harassment and anti-bullying procedure that Party members can trust

➙ Proper regional engagement beyond the Westminster bubble

➙ Protect the rights of LGBT+, BAME, disabled and women members and increase representation in internal and public elections

➙ Demand internal Labour Party processes are accountable and transparent

To be a party that deserves to be in power we need to be at our best.

Empowered movements empower activists – as an NEC member I will give you back the power you deserve.

Contact Channels


[email protected]

Ann Black

Membership Number



Your vote will decide Labour’s future as a diverse, socialist, election-winning party. Please choose me as #1 preference.

For 18 years I reported from every NEC meeting – see – and talked with thousands of members. During that time I

  • Opposed Iraq, Trident and privatisation and supported public services, housing, pensions and benefits
  • Voted to include Jeremy Corbyn in the 2016 leadership election, and against a 6-month qualifying period
  • Steered women’s conference to independence

If successful I will work to

  • Support the democratically-elected leadership. I will be loyal to Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, and to hardworking Labour councillors, while always representing your views.
  • Return full decision-making power to local parties, and extend online participation to members with disabilities, caring responsibilities or transport issues.
  • Build on previous manifestos, involving every member in developing policy
  • Let local parties choose their parliamentary candidates. Dozens had candidates imposed in 2019 for the second time in three years.
  • Value grassroots activists who keep the party alive
  • Review membership subscriptions and give local parties a fair share
  • Improve complaints procedures

I’m a member of UNISON, CLPD, LCER, Open Labour, the Fabians, Labour Movement for Europe.

Please also support Jermain Jackman, and George Lindars-Hammond for disability representative.

Contact Channels

[email protected]

07956 637958


Matthew Blakemore

Membership Number



I support Keir Starmer and am proud we have a leader determined to tackle inequality, injustice, and the climate crisis.


I want to work with you to build a fairer society where an individuals value is not dictated by who their parents are, their race, religion, sexual orientation, or the school they went to. I want everyone to have the same opportunity to dream big, to follow their aspirations, and to succeed.

Key pledges?

Support Electoral Reform – As a member of Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform I back the introduction of a more proportional voting system.

Support SME’s, Innovation, and Job creation – Establish Labour as the party for business

Form AI Policy to protect data, politics, and jobs

Support rebuilding our relationship with the EU and our standing on the global stage


As Chair of Stevenage Youth Council our investment in sexual health education and mental health support transformed the lives of young people. Today, I support young professionals starting their careers in the UK as a committee member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. As an ethical technologist, I’m a member of the British Standards Institute Artificial Intelligence Committee, to develop AI standards that protect our society.

Contact Channels

Email: [email protected]

Gemma Bolton

Membership Number



I am standing for Labour’s NEC to seek a mandate for a radical policy agenda going into the 2024 general election and unite the party in support of progressive policies, including public ownership, strong opposition to austerity, and a Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency. These policies are overwhelmingly popular with voters and provide a platform for power to elect a Labour government.

I am also standing on a platform of anti-racism, an end to scapegoating of migrants, and for equality, peace and human rights.

An active member of Labour’s South-East Regional Executive for the last 4 years, I am also the South-East Youth Representative on the National Policy Forum and a constituency representative on the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee. Through these roles and other campaigns, I have developed vast experience of internal party organising and knowledge of our party’s structures. I have fought for greater democracy and a voice for grassroots Labour members at all levels of our party.

I am supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance. I am fighting for a socialist Labour Government that will deliver the radical change we need.
Please also support Yasmine Dar, Ann Henderson, Nadia Jama, Laura Pidcock and Mish Rahman.

Contact Channels

[email protected]



Yasmine Dar

Membership Number



I’m standing for re-election to the NEC so I can use my extensive experience to continue to be a strong voice for grassroots members. On the NEC I have:

? Been a strong supporter of our popular, transformative economic policies and internationalist foreign policy for peace, justice and human rights throughout the world.

? Pushed for implementation of the Democracy Review, including creation of equalities structures and NEC seats that will allow greater member involvement.

? Been committed to a transparent, fair disciplinary process based on natural justice.

? Supported more say for grassroots members, for example through open selections.

My experiences as a BAME woman, a social worker, anti-racist activist and a Councillor have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative Labour government. The Covid pandemic has taught us that we must defend and advance the progressive policies of 2017 and 2019, supporting campaigns such as Black Lives Matter, a Green New Deal as well as a strong commitment to being anti-war.

I am proud to be supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance. Please also support Ann Henderson, Laura Pidcock, Nadia Jama, Gemma Bolton and Mish Rahman.

Contact Channels


[email protected]


Fiona Dent

Membership Number



I am an active non-sectarian Socialist, a lifelong Labour member, door knocker, blogger, ‘Save Our NHS’ campaigner (inc Jarrow to Westminster March 2014), Public servant and as a Health Commissioner I fought the swingeing cuts to the NHS, twice PPC in challenging constituencies, ex Councillor, ex Economy Commission, environment and human rights campaigner, sculptor, painter and general washer upper. Unison- Unite – Artist’s Union of England member.

My pledges are to work to
Ensure that Party structure, rules and processes are fair for all members.
Democratise the Party further.
Ensure that CLPs have a greater say in campaign planning and the resources to do it.

Along with CLP members around the country I want to see greater connectivity between leadership and local parties: During my 3 years on the National Policy Forum I did just that by helping fellow members to follow, engage and contribute to policy debate.- I am committed to democratising our Party and policy development.

If you elect me I will listen to your concerns, speak up for you and report in writing after each meeting. I am a loyal, left of centre stalwart of our Party who supports you, the elected Leader and campaigns to win

Contact Channels

[email protected]

Crispin Flintoff

Membership Number



I set up Stand up for Labour eight years ago to engage more people in the party and to raise funds for CLPs.

I have put on over 250 fundraising events for CLPs – probably more than any other Labour member in history.

These have been very successful, but in supporting CLP finances they have been in vain.

On my travels, I’ve found that many CLPs are chronically underfunded and under-resourced.

A recent survey found that nearly 50% of CLPs have no office or premises of any kind and half of respondents felt their CLP did not have enough money to fight an effective election campaign.

CLPs are spending far too much time trying to raise money to keep going and not enough time campaigning in their community.

The cause of this is the ridiculous distribution of members’ subscriptions.

CLPs receive only £2.75 out of a standard £52.56 subscription (so £49.81 goes to party HQ).

Labour can’t win with such a top-down, centralised structure. It needs reforming.

I am standing for the NEC because I want to rally members behind a campaign for CLPs to receive a fair share of their members’ subscriptions.

Without such a change, it will be impossible

Contact Channels

[email protected].uk


Katherine Foy

Membership Number



We need to win the next election. We cannot spend the next four years in factional warfare, or with bigotry poisoning our party.

The NEC must represent ordinary members, so that we all have a voice. Ordinary members put me, an independent trans candidate, on the ballot. We can return Labour to government.

If elected my priorities will be:

– Fixing our complaints processes.

– Keeping Labour true to our authentic values and principles.

– Preparing us to win the next election.

My full manifesto can be found at:

We need to win for everybody. That means not stepping back in our defence of minority rights, and not being afraid of who we are or what we stand for.

Labour must be a party for everybody, no matter your background. I want members to feel safe and able to remain in or rejoin our party. I want us to feel valued, and that we have a voice. I want us to show solidarity, to be the party that says to the marginalised and the afraid, “you are not alone”. We will stand for you.

Please elect me to the NEC as an independent voice for members.

Contact Channels

[email protected]


Theresa Griffin

Membership Number



MEP 2014-2020, NPF 2007-2014, Liverpool Councillor 1994-1998, Member Co-operative Party, UNITE, GMB, UNISON, SHA. Supported by Tribune MPs.

Trade Unionist, I have fought all my life for everyone to have a decent job, to defend the NHS, to protect our most vulnerable. MEP of the Year for fighting energy poverty and for disability equality; the way out of this crisis is quality public services and an innovative Labour Green Deal led locally. It is by listening to the electorate, we can return our Labour Government to reverse Tory austerity, improve lives and unlock the potential of our young people. A unified Team Labour, at local, regional and national level; a Labour voice in a Socialist Europe internationally. A Just Transition to a decarbonised economy, quality jobs and public services, leaving no-one behind; only achievable by winning for Labour.

If elected I would:

  • listen to members to plan a Winning Campaign on Labour values for 2021 elections
  • strengthen policy development, working with members to frame a Labour response to Covid-19 impact, public services, local democracy, green economy, security, housing and fair taxation
  • strengthen the trade union and cooperative link to support the membership in achieving our Labour Government

Contact Channels


[email protected]


Ann Henderson

Membership Number



I am standing for re-election to the NEC, committed to representing the views of the grassroots membership and improving support for CLPs across the whole country.

I joined the NEC in September 2018, and was elected Chair of the NEC Equalities Committee in January 2019. We face the most significant global public health and economic crisis of our lifetime, and must prioritise building on policies developed for our 2017 and 2019 manifestos to win anti-austerity, internationalist Labour governments.

As a Party and trade union activist since the early 1980s, I have extensive experience across the movement at every level, including the Policy Forums, and as a member of Labour’s Scottish Executive Committee. Building a Party which understands devolution will be crucial.

On the NEC and in Scotland I have been centrally involved in re-establishing a Labour women’s organisation, with delegate-based, policy-making Labour Women’s Conferences. The experience of the COVID19 pandemic highlights the need for women’s lives to be central to our response. I am supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance. I am fighting for a socialist Labour Government that will deliver the radical change we need. Please also support Yasmine Dar, Laura Pidcock, Gemma Bolton, Mish Rahman, and Nadia Jama.

Contact Channels

[email protected]


Jermain Jackman

Membership Number



Our country – without a doubt- needs a Labour government, but our journey towards that is of equal importance. This is why I am running to be your CLP representative on our NEC, to prepare a Labour Party for government committed to policies that will transform the lives of people.

I’m a proud young socialist and Labour activist who has campaigned tirelessly both locally and nationally. Now more than ever, our members deserve a strong voice on the NEC to ensure our Labour movement remains committed to socialist and anti-racist values as we continue to democratise and diversify our party – I am that candidiate.

I will rebuild and invest in a strong network of active branches, grassroots activists, members and local communities to ensure we listen and learn from all parts of our movement. I know by collectively combining the voices of members across our movement, we will win the fight for a radical Labour government and a better future.

We must focus on amplifying and empowering grassroot and marginalised voices to shape our policy, strategy and campaigns, as we continue our fight for social justice, equality and peace.

Please also support Ann Black, and George Lindars-Hammond for disability representative.

Contact Channels

[email protected]


Nadia Jama

Membership Number



I grew up under Thatcher’s government on a council estate near Orgreave, the daughter of a Somali steel worker and grand-daughter of a Liverpool docker. The authentic voices of working-class Black women must be central to our movement. I’ll be a strong voice for members and party democracy.

To win, Labour must provide democratic socialist solutions to the unprecedented health, economic and environmental crises.

I’m a proud trade unionist. We must stand with our unions and health experts to put people before profit. The Tories’ mishandling of coronavirus caused tens of thousands of deaths and risks thousands more. It also risks turning the austerity decade of economic stagnation into a deep recession. I support a socialist Green New Deal to kickstart our economy, tackle the climate crisis, create decent jobs and redress spiralling poverty and wealth inequality.

The importance of our internationalism has been demonstrated by the pandemic. I believe in global justice activism, including supporting the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.

I am supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance. I am fighting for a socialist Labour Government that will deliver the radical change we need. Please also support Gemma Bolton, Yasmine Dar, Ann Henderson, Laura Pidcock, and Mish Rahman.

Contact Channels


[email protected]


Mick Johnston

Membership Number



Make Labour a Winner
• The link between NEC and Constituency Labour Parties is vital to the effectiveness of the Party; getting elected and staying elected.
• This link is not working. NEC continues to make decisions which make major organisational demands on CLPs without consultation.
• NEC’s refusal during 2018/19 to allow many CLPs to select a parliamentary candidate was insulting to members in these constituencies and symptomatic of dysfunction.
• We have the policies to win elections but our organisational ineptitude is stopping us. Overriding focus of NEC should be on making the Party work, from top to bottom.
• NEC should not be a policy battleground. We have Conference and National Policy Forum for that. NEC should make sure the policy processes work and implement the policies adopted, not carry on debating them.
I will:
1. Give CLPs notice of key NEC agenda items.
2. Ask CLPs for their views and make their views heard.
3. Provide focussed, timely feedback on NEC decisions.
4. Give CLPs oversight of the governance and functioning of the Party.
5. Campaign for review of Regional organisation to empower CLPs, branches and members.
6. Campaign for half of NEC meetings to be held in THE NORTH.

Thirsk&Malton CLP Secretary. Campaigning since 1980.

Contact Channels

[email protected]



Gurinder Josan

Membership Number



The Labour Party MUST win the next General Election.

I’m a Labour Party member of 32 years and was elected to Labour’s NEC in April and I want to continue the work we’ve started to create a united movement behind Keir Starmer and bring to an end the last few years of divisive factionalism.

I’m a Director of anti-racism campaign HOPE not Hate, Secretary of my Unite Branch, Vice Chair of Sikhs for Labour, school Governor, member of West Midlands Strategic Police & Crime Board and Central Council member of Socialist Health Association.

I believe in a broad-church, election winning Labour Party in which all traditions are respected and ALL our members have a role in building an organisation that is second to none, ending racism, antisemitism and discrimination, ensuring a robust, fair and independent complaints system, fixing the governance deficit, putting members back in charge of policy making and candidate selections and rebuilding trust with voters who left us.

I bring with me my background as a long-standing and dedicated party activist, a passionate equalities campaigner and my independent minded commitment to a member-led democratic Labour party.

I’m also supporting Akehurst, Baxter, Paul, Payne, Tatler and Black, Griffin, Sherriff.

Contact Channels

[email protected]


Facebook: /GurinderSinghJosanforNEC/

Steve Maggs

Membership Number



I am a dedicated activist and currently Chair of Harborough CLP.

I will fight for a radical policy platform and not compromise on the key elements that will bring about a more equal, fair and just society. A Labour Party not rooted in socialist policy is not serving its purpose. I will be a strong socialist voice if elected to the NEC.

My key commitments:

  1. Fight for essential, socialist policies: Green New Deal, National Education Service, National Investment Bank and a Universal Basic Income
  2. Fight to ensure the party doesn’t have a hierarchy of racism, that all discrimination and injustice is treated equally
  3. Democratise the party and make all internal procedures transparent, fair and simple
  4. Properly fund all CLPs so they can embed themselves in their communities, run effective local campaigns and not just appear at election time

Please rank all six candidates supported by the Labour Left Alliance – Roger Silverman, Ekua Bayunu, Alec Price, Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal, Coral Taylor Spedding and me – we are committed to the ‘Action Programme for the left’ ( Please also rank as many left wing candidates as you can and include the CLGA 6 in your preferences.

Contact Channels

[email protected]



Vince Maple

Membership Number



I love the Labour Party but in recent times there have been some issues which should have been dealt with in a different way.

I am putting myself forward for the National Executive Committee to try and deal with some of those challenges.

If elected to the NEC I will:

Fight for all members to be able to select their parliamentary candidates.

Push for a robust, clear and well-staffed complaints process.

Demand that resources will get to where they are needed

Provide CLP officers the support, technology and training they deserve

Support our hard-working councillors.

Like most members – I’m not a member of any internal group and have a positive track record of working with people from across the internal political spectrum most recently in my role as Regional Board Chair.

As a GMB member and former officer with responsibility for the Labour Party, I want our party to not only be a strong campaigning political party but a good employer too.

Thanks to the many CLPs across the country who nominated me and I hope you will consider me for one of your preference votes in this critical internal election.


Contact Channels

[email protected]


Mark McDonald


Membership Number



Electing me will ensure that the membership is always a priority. I have the experience, the proven ability and importantly the courage to speak truth to power and get things done. Having lost 4 elections our whole focus must be on winning which is why I am committed to ensuring that every CLP has the resources and money to run an effective campaign.

My diverse background and life experiences is a major strength. From having worked in the operating theatre of our NHS for 14 years, I know what it’s like to put in the shifts where teamwork is key. Having gone back into education and becoming a barrister I understand the need to continually learn and develop.

My time as a Human Rights Barrister has seen me continually stand up against injustice. Whether fighting against the death penalty when I worked in the U.S or the human right atrocities in Palestine, I struggle to keep quiet and will always speak up for those that have no voice. It was on return from Palestine that I co-founded Labour Friends of Palestine. Importantly, I never have and never will compromise my beliefs on human rights and the rule of law.

Contact Channels

[email protected]

Liz McInnes

Membership Number



MP Heywood & Middleton 2014-2019, Rossendale Councillor 2010-2014, Member of Co-operative Party, UNITE, GMB, SHA. Supported by Tribune MPs
The majority of my working life has been as an NHS scientist and workplace Rep for Unite. I chaired Unite’s National Health Sector Committee, working with senior NHS reps from all regions of the UK to defend our NHS against Tory cuts and to fight for workers’ rights. These issues have all been thrown into the spotlight as our NHS battles to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a realisation that a worker’s pay is not the main determinant of their worth to society.
To bring about the societal changes we need to give everyone access to decent jobs, education, health, welfare and public services, we need, in short, a Labour Government. If elected to the NEC, that will be front and centre of everything I do. The UK needs a change of direction; that can only be achieved by a Labour Government where everyone gets a fair chance regardless of background.
If elected I would:
work to win 2021 local and national elections
strengthen policy development working with members
strengthen the trade union and cooperative link

Contact Channels

[email protected]


Cameron Mitchell

Membership Number



Life in a Derbyshire ex-mining town such as mine epitomises the effect which destructive tory governments have had on our way of life. When I left school, like so many other young people, I worked a minimum wage job on a zero hours contract. I saw injustices which motivated me to get involved in the trade union movement. A short period after I joined the Labour party because I knew that our party, alongside our Trade Union partnership, was the only way which I could be part of meaningful change.

Despite the disappointment of the last general election, the policies we have developed over recent years determines a positive step in the right direction. To win in 2024, we need a more effective message which starts from the grassroots. We can do this with an NEC representative of all regions, committed to extending democracies of our party, by further empowering grassroots members. CLPs need to be given the resources to organise community projects and fight against conservative policies over the next 4 years. I am proud to be endorsed by Dennis Skinner and to stand on this platform of progressive, socialist ideas which I believe will push our party forward.


Contact Channels

[email protected]

Zahida Abbas Noori

Membership Number



I have worked at grass root level of the communities for over 30 years, involved with various charities. An active member of the Labour Party, campaigning & promoting the Labour values. I was elected as Councillor in 2006 & re-elected in 20210 with the highest votes in London. Executive member of MABE labour, Labour Women Network, Secretary Muslim Friends of Labour. President GMB union Hounslow.

I am a tenacious and dedicated person, I never hesitate to accept challenges and strive to achieve my goals even in challenging circumstances.

I believe in the equality of all human beings irrespective of their creed, cult, religion, or sexual orientation. I firmly believe that we should have an all-inclusive approach so that those who are deprived get the chance and equal opportunities to catch up with those who are better placed.

As narrated above, if I am elected I will try my utmost for the uplift of the deprived ones & society. My first task will be to engage & work with the CLPs/members to emphasise winning the next general election. I will ensure. To protect the front lines services such as NHS. So the appeal process is fair and transparent, so that we

Contact Channel

[email protected]

[email protected] Abbas Noori



Dr Neeraj Patil

Membership Number



Dear friends,

I’m standing for election to the NEC because I wish to improve our policymaking processes and help bring the three pillars of the party (the Executive, PLP and Membership) closer together.

We are divided and voters see this; divided parties lose, repeatedly. I don’t represent any of the “blocs” and am proud to call myself an independent grass-roots activist, who’s served as Lambeth Councillor for eight years and Mayor in 2010.

As a Consultant in A&E, currently working in the NHS Covid-19 unit and having recently recovered from the virus infection myself, I’m grimly aware of the policy priority that we must give the NHS. With an ageing population, mental and physical illness on the increase and a looming recession, our citizens will need looking after more than ever, their well-being, via NHS must be at the heart of all policies and this is my priority.

On the issue of Parliamentary reselections, I oppose trigger-ballots and support a full open-selection.

I would like to help build a 2024 success story and would welcome your support.

Dr Neeraj Patil, MBBS, FRCS, MRCS, FCEM

Consultant, A&E

Mayor of Lambeth (2010-2011)

Member, National Policy Forum (2009-2013) and National Executive (BAME Labour)

Contact Channels

[email protected]




Terry Paul

Membership Number



I am standing to represent the grassroots of our party, our CLPs. I want to ensure they have the campaigning support that will allow us to bring Labour’s message to every voter in the country, so that we can defeat the Tories and install Keir Starmer as our Prime Minister.

I was born into a working-class family in East London. My mother was an NHS nurse and my stepfather worked at Fords of Dagenham. Their support ensured I was the first in my family to go to university. I joined the party in 1994; since then I have been a CLP Chair and worked for the party as a campaign organiser. Since 2010 I have been a councillor in Newham and have seen the transformative power that Labour can have in local government.

The Black Lives Matter movement has started a conversation in every part of our society, including Labour. We now need action to ensure our party fully represents the country we want to govern. It is vital that BAME voices are heard in every conversation, every meeting and every election within the party.

I recommend also voting for Akehurst, Baxter, Payne, Singh Josan, Tatler, Black, Griffin, Sherriff.

Contact Channels

07957 22 73 72

[email protected]


Michael Payne

Membership Number



I’m standing for Labour’s NEC because I want a united party, true to our radical tradition that leads the fight for a fairer Britain.

I’ve campaigned for Labour all my life. Labour made me who I am today. It got me to university, enabled me to become a councillor and now national Deputy Leader of Labour in local government, and it introduced me to my partner Kyle.

I’ve been out on the doorsteps in my home seat of Gedling in Nottinghamshire in election after election over two decades. As one of the most marginal areas in the country it’s been tough, particularly when we lost in 2019. But like thousands of Labour members, I was inspired by Keir’s campaign, to unite, fight for social justice and win back power.

As your representative on the NEC I will be your voice. As an activist, organiser, parliamentary candidate, and now Labour local government’s campaign lead I know what our members, campaigners & representatives need to beat the Tories.

I will work relentlessly for greater representation of women, BAME, disabled and LGBT+ members at all levels of politics.

I recommend also voting for Akehurst, Baxter, Paul, Singh Josan, Tatler and Black, Griffin, Sherriff.

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Laura Pidcock

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The scale and intensity of the challenges facing working class people here in the UK and across the world needs to be treated with the seriousness and urgency it deserves. We are facing a prolonged workers’ rights crisis, a global environmental emergency, a global health pandemic and a huge political crisis. It is up to us to change the course of history. The current economic system offers no hope or security to working class people.

I am from a political tradition that wants bring about a different system, one which eradicates in-work poverty, supports a sustainable and thriving planet and an end to war and oppression. There are no individual solutions to our problems, only collective ones. I want to be your representative on the NEC to uphold socialist principles, to defend and push beyond the 2019 manifesto in order to achieve a Labour government, and to strongly defend democracy in our party. The membership is the Labour Party.

I am supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance. I am fighting for a socialist Labour Government that will deliver the radical change we need. Please also support Nadia Jama, Ann Henderson, Yasmine Dar, Mish Rahman & Gemma Bolton.

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Alec Price

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As a child, I watched New Labour attack firefighters, like my dad, striking for fair pay, whilst Iraq burned for oil.

Today, I’m an NHS worker supporting the campaign for a 15% wage rise for my colleagues, on a wider platform “For Socialism: Against Austerity, War & Racism”.

If Labour was set up as the party of workers and created the NHS it needs to vocally support our demands, like the majority of the country do. How else can we win an election?

As we go through the pandemic we need a bold strategy for a post lockdown world based on an economy that meets the needs of the many and not the profits of the few.

The Labour leadership and elected representatives should be spearheading such a campaign, and if they won’t we need an NEC that empowers our members and trade unions to do so instead.

I support the calls for open selection of MPs, a sovereign conference with the power to trigger a deputy/leadership contest and a democratised trade union link.

We have a world to win.

For Socialism vote Alec and Rahman, Pidcock, Bolton, Dar, Jama, Henderson, Silverman, Bayunu, Taylor-Spedding, Chaudhry, Maggs, Mitchell, Flintoff, McDonald

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Chaudry Qamer Iqbal

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As a CLP secretary, I know we have to fight hard to defend the radical socialist   policies championed by Jeremy Corbyn.

My pledges include

– Open selection: Members must be able to choose their representatives on all levels.

– A fair disciplinary system based on natural justice: An accused member must be given all the evidence and be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. We must combat all forms of racism and discrimination by educating members.

– Full implementation of Chakrabarti’s report and democracy review to make our party free from any racism and a members led movement.

– Accountability: I shall write regular reports, including voting records.

– Conference must become the sovereign body: Its decisions must be implemented, the National Policy Forum abolished.

– Black Lives Matter has highlighted the racism and discrimination in our society this must be fully recognised. I will campaign against the abuses exposed in the “Leaked report”.

– Be a voice for LGBTQ+ rights.

– Fight to extend workers’ rights. As a member of UNITE, I will to continue to fight against the practice of corporations to use the pandemic to sack their staff in order to rehire them on worse terms.

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Twitter: @chqamerlab


Mish Rahman

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As one of the first graduates of Labour’s Bernie Grant Leadership programme to empower more BAME people to stand for elected positions, I decided to stand for election to the NEC to ensure:

A strong voice for Party members on the NEC, and greater oversight over the governance of our Party.

Political education and development for members.

That the NEC reflects the diversity of our Party and stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Strengthened organisations representing equalities groups.

Support for policies to deliver the future we need, which are overwhelmingly popular with the public: a Green New Deal, public ownership, a just welfare system, rolling back privatisation of the NHS, repealing anti-trade union laws, advancing migrants’ rights, and international solidarity.

As a working class man of Bangladeshi heritage, whose father campaigned with the Anti-Nazi League in the 1980s against the National Front, I have always been a committed anti-racist activist. I’m CLP Chair in Aldridge-Brownhills and I’m an experienced Labour campaigner in the West Mids.

I am proud to be standing on a platform backed by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, including Momentum and CLPD. Please also support Yasmine Dar, Ann Henderson, Laura Pidcock, Nadia Jama, and Gemma Bolton.

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Julie Reid

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My name is Julie Reid and I have been a member of the Labour Party for over 30 years. I have been a Councillor for over 10 years and I am a member of Manchester Gorton CLP. Now is the time for unity. We must stop fighting each other and fight the the most right wing Tory government we have ever witnessed. I was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn back in 2015 and I had such hope for the future. We came so close in 2017. Unfortunately in December 2019 we lost our fourth consecutive election, including some of our Red Wall seats. We cannot afford to lose a fifth election. I voted for Keir Starmer in the leadership election earlier this year, as I felt that he had the best chance of uniting the party and appealing beyond the echo chamber. We have to win over the swing voters and win back not just the Red Wall seats, but some Blue Wall seats too as we did in 1997. I believe that we can do this if we work together and expose the Tory lies and corruption. The Coronavirus pandemic has polarised even further the divide between rich and

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Paula Sherriff

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I spent a lifetime working in the public sector; a decade in a Police support role where I was awarded a judges commendation for supporting child victims of sex abuse then the front line of our amazing NHS for 12 years.

Fighting for the vulnerable and giving a voice to the voiceless is in my DNA. As a lifelong trade unionist, former shop steward and equalities officer I wanted to give something back – I’ll never walk by an injustice.

I was elected as a Councillor in 2012 taking the seat off the Tories then as an MP, again taking the seat from the Tories. I loved being a campaigning MP, from taking on WH Smith and their exorbitant hospital pricing to my most noteworthy campaign win, when I became the first Parliamentarian in history to have a budget amendment accepted by the Government-the abolition of the tampon tax. I’m about actions not words. My campaign on period poverty became an international movement, I’ll never stop trying to break down barriers and stigma.

If elected I would:
• Work to win 2021 local/national elections
• Strengthen policy development working with members
• Strengthen the trade union and cooperative link

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Stephanie Shuttleworth

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I’m Steph, an ordinary member, from a proud, former mill town in Greater Manchester.

Many of us, myself included, live in politically disenfranchised communities. It is my core aim to change that, both within the NEC and in getting us elected to government. The party is often mystifying to members, voters and critics alike. I’m standing as a voice for those who are unable to fully participate in the party; be that due to a lack of clarity and abundance of complex systems, or invisible barriers.

Here are my three, simple steps towards achieving that aim:
1) Ensure we are genuinely engaging with working-class communities we lost during the 2019 election. I will not insult my community by reducing us to a stereotype.

2) Presenting an unfearing, accountable voice for CLPs, members, TUs and lost voters.

3) Uphold my socialist values, supporting those who are most at risk as we rebuild our society and economy. We must demand policies, local governments and a PLP which protects and empowers LGBTQ+ communities, BAME people, women, people with disabilities, the young, the elderly, renters, shielders, those in precarious employment and the unemployed. In short, those who have always been oppressed under Conservative governments.

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Roger Silverman

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I am campaigning for members’ rights: the supremacy of party conference, open selection of candidates, an end to arbitrary suspensions.

It is time to put socialism back on the agenda. Capitalism today can only offer us pandemics, slumps, racism, repression, and environmental catastrophe. Eight multibillionaires now own as much as the poorest half of the entire world’s population.

Everywhere people are rising to their feet: the youth in their magnificent Extinction Rebellion, entire populations from Chile to Sudan to Hong Kong, in America for Black Lives Matter, in Lebanon against corruption, in Belarus for democratic rights. Labour must stand in solidarity with this worldwide movement.

We must nail the media lie that Labour’s election manifesto was a vote-loser. In 2019 Labour actually won more votes than in 2015, 2010 or even 2005 – when Labour won! Only in 2017 did we do even better. Our policies still have overwhelming support: renationalisation of transport and the utilities, a wealth tax, a wholly publicly-owned NHS, a green industrial revolution. This arrogant and bungling government has already caused tens of thousands of needless deaths. Let’s harness the energies of our half a million members to build a world for the many not the few.

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Facebook: Roger Silverman

Shama Tatler

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I believe my personal, professional, and political experience make me a strong candidate for the NEC, so can be part of the solution to help Keir Starmer and Labour into government.

The impact of austerity in both education and health since 2010 has shaped my life. My late husband’s cancer and Bipolar diagnosis along with my experiences as a teacher have driven my motivation to do all I can to get Labour elected at every level.

I was proud to be elected to Brent Council in 2014 and became a Cabinet member in 2016. This has enabled me to see how Labour in power can make a real and lasting difference in people’slives.

I joined the party because I want to be part of shaping and improving quality of the life and representation for every community, particularly minorities and those most disadvantaged. I want to improve participation, training and tolerance in our party and will support learning every possible lesson from our past to ensure that we can all go forward together; united in common cause of securing the next Labour Government.

I recommend also voting for Akehurst, Baxter, Payne, Paul, Singh Josan and Black, Griffin, Sherriff

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Carol Taylor-Spedding

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I am a teacher and I joined the Labour Party because I could see what austerity was doing to people in this country. I am an activist and a branch secretary. I am also an active member of KONP, Keep Our NHS Public.   I want a Labour Party that will honour the policies of the 2019 manifesto and develop even more radical socialist policies. A Labour Party that is committed to giving the many a hope and a future.

The NEC should be transparent and accountable. I pledge to publish agendas, minutes of meetings, voting records and foster two-way communication between the membership and the NEC.

I want a more open and fair complaints procedure with suitable time limits. The NEC must have greater oversight of the process.

I believe in open selection of MPs and the dissolution of the National Policy Forum. I will campaign to make it happen by keeping members informed and involved. Policy must be decided at conference, not by demands of organisations outside the Labour Party.

I will push for the NEC to supply and promote educational materials for the membership to stimulate discussion on important topics such as BAME representation.

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@SpeddingCarol (Twitter)

Facebook page: Carol for Labour NEC


Julian Vaughan

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Factionalism is a luxury we cannot afford. Achieving unity is essential if we are to win elections; I will work alongside colleagues, whatever shade of red they are.

I am a train driver, Chair of NE Bedfordshire CLP, an ASLEF union Health and Safety Rep and was a candidate in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections.

My priorities:

  • Promote policies based on empathy and compassion

I will promote policies that tackle the injustices faced by the most vulnerable

and marginalised in our communities.

  • Hold our leadership to account

Challenging as a critical friend, not a hostile opponent and standing up for CLPs.

  • Promote diverse representation on the NEC

Increase quotas on the NEC for BAME/LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities.

  • A fairer voting system

I will support proportional representation at party and national level.

  • Placing action on climate change at the heart of everything we do

I will back policies that find the quickest path to net zero carbon emissions.

  • Increased financial support for CLPs

Enabling CLPs to be community hubs by providing the resources and facilities to

do so effectively.

  • Improved support for all local and national candidates

Early selection of candidates, backed by a mentoring system and campaign


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email: [email protected]



Mr John Wiseman

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At a time of crisis, we need a party that is a united. It should be democratic, socialist, and accountable. My labour movement journey started by helping give food parcels out during the Miners’ Strike in St Helens. As a North West Executive Member and CLP Officer, a Councillor, Unite the Union, and NEU officer, and campaigner since the age of 11, I feel we need change at the top of the party. We need to listen more! We need to deliver for the young and old, if your trans, disabled, BAEM, or from any other background, this should be the party for you. We should unite and fight, for our all our tomorrows! I pledge if I am elected, I will be accountable, accessible and deliver. I am there for you, the members, and the wider movement. If it is an NHS, we can be proud of, in which workers are getting a minimum 15% pay rise, reverse the TV licence changes, more investment in schools and social care, making conference sovereign, a streamlined and fair disciplinary process, listening to CLPS, pumping money into your local labour activity, offering political education training to all, then Vote for John Wiseman!

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Joseph Wheatley

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As the former Chair for Shipley CLP and as a local branch campaign coordinator in West Yorkshire I’m keen that the voices of our mass membership are represented in the decision making of our NEC. The constituency parties are the beating heart of our movement keeping us rooted to the reality of the problems facing our communities. If elected to this position I will maintain a clear and accessible line of communication with members through email and provide regular updates on the activities of the NEC to all members.

Invite me along to your next CLP ZOOM meeting and we can talk more about the type of representation you and other members want on the NEC.

To give a brief context to my involvement in the movement: I’ve been a member of the party since 2013 where I’ve stood as a local election candidate and served in a variety of officer roles at both branch and CLP level. I’m an active trade unionist working with members as both an accompanying workplace rep and Secretary of the Yorkshire & North Derbyshire GMB Young Members Network, experiences which have reinforced my belief we need to strengthen our partnership with the trade union movement.

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Iram Woolley

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I’ve been in the party 15 years; I’m a School Governor, Muslim Woman. I’m affiliated to Fabian Society, Labour Women’s Network.

I’m looking to be on the NEC, as I want to ensure that the Labour Party can have policies that appeal to the whole country.

This awful government, needs to go, but before it can go, it is our duty to ensure that the British public, have a good reason to vote for a Labour party at the General Election.

We have as a party proved over the past years that we are very good at talking to ourselves, the challenge now is for the Labour Party to reach out to the whole country. This can be achieved by adopting policies on housing, education, health care and childcare.

As a BA Campaigner, and Unite Community Women’s Officer we owe it to the country, that companies like British Airways, cannot use COVID as an excuse to disseminate peoples lives. I am standing independent, I’m neither left or right SLATE, I am someone who, wants us all to UNITE, behind the Leadership, Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, to make a huge difference in people’s lives and add value.

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Twitter @iCreativeIram

Tel 07969198198

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