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National Women's Committee

Candidate Statements

National Women’s Committee

Statements of members who wish to stand for the National Women’s Committee can be found below. There are six positions in this section to be elected by all CLP delegates to National Annual Women’s Conference 2021.

The following candidates have reached the threshold and have therefore been successfully nominated.



Solma Ahmed

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

A commitment to gender equality has been a driving force in everything that I have done throughout my life. As a woman, an Asian and as a Muslim I have consistently suffered discrimination and I understand how important it is to get organised and fight back.
In the 1990s I established two women’s refuges in Tower Hamlets and Hackney, as well as the first counselling service for Asian women fleeing violence. I also set up the first Asian Women’s Educational and Resource centre, Jagonari.
I was previously Vice-Chair of Harwich and North Essex CLP and I have represented my CLP at Regional Conferences. One of my proudest moments was as a delegate to the 2019 Labour Conference, where I spoke in defence of migrant women, to support a motion put forward by Women’s Conference.
I am delighted to be backed by Momentum and if I am elected to the Women’s Committee I will represent and reach out to all women in the Party. Our voices deserve to be heard, and I will use mine to amplify yours. Women members must be at the forefront of everything our Party does, and this starts by defending all women shortlists.


Lisa Banes

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m standing to be on your next National Women’s Committee to amplify the voices of local and regional representatives in our women’s movement. As a community worker helping residents in very deprived areas of Sheffield, I know first-hand the devastation the Tories’ cuts to local councils have made in our communities. We know that austerity hits women and minorities disproportionately harder than other groups. The National Women’s Committee need to be fighting for the issues that affect women in our local communities to ensure they are on the top of the Labour Party’s agenda and next manifesto. Issues like childcare, pay disparity and flexible working hours are vital to rebuilding a strong and vibrant economy that truly works for everyone.

I will seek to represent our regions in the UK on a national level in the Labour Party. We know that it will not be an easy fight to win back so-called “Red Wall” communities. To be able to understand the issues facing women in our regions we first need to listen to our regional members in our party. I am seeking the opportunity to fight for issues affecting our members across the country.


Ekua Bayunu

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a Black, working class, socialist feminist from Manchester; standing as part of Grassroots Labour Women for election to the Women’s Committee. I have a proven track record of community activism AND working through the Labour Party to bring about a fairer society. I’m an advocate of membership-led democracy, and believe we have to defend the advances made during the Democracy Review.

I am active in Branch and CLP, and was Secretary of the Manchester Labour Women’s Forum (5CLPs), before stepping down to campaign as a Manchester City councillor candidate.
I am a spokesperson for the Labour Black Socialist’s Campaign for an Actively Antiracist Labour Party.

A member of Socialist Health Association, Greater Manchester Tenants Union and Unite the Union, I support issues that affect all women including mental health; housing and food poverty. As part of a women artist’s collective, I use art to engage local people and communities.

I believe that the Women’s Committee will empower all female members and promise to serve with passion, compassion, a willingness to listen and the ability to put words into action.

Please also vote for all Grassroots Labour Women: Chloe Hopkins, Mandy Clare, Pamela Fitzpatrick and Tricia Duncan.


Mandy Clare

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Mandy Clare

As a low income single mum with a disability, I have much insight and helpful experience to contribute to this role. The challenges of the past year have been unprecedented, with a disproportionate burden carried by women. As a councillor in Cheshire West, I am ‘Leader’s Champion’ for Poverty and Inequality, setting out a vision for building a more inclusive recovery; pushing this through council as the Poverty Emergency initiative.
Visibility of low income working class women is vitally important for politics to feel relevant to disenfranchised groups. If elected, I would work to reach out as broadly as possible, particularly to the quietest groups of women with least political influence. I would aim to be as approachable as possible, providing regular updates, celebrating successes and debating respectfully to resolve differences.
I am committed to building a more democratic Party and rebuilding a vibrant, inclusive women’s organisation, whilst supporting self-organised equalities structures in other areas. I defend CLPs’ rights to political discussion and oppose unfair suspensions of activists. We must defend policy that works in the interests of the many not the few.
Support Grassroots Labour Women – Ekua Bayunu, Mandy Clare, Tricia Duncan, Pamela Fitzpatrick, Chloe Hopkins.


Tricia Duncan

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My many years of experience in the Labour movement make me an ideal representative.

For years, I was a member of the EIS Equalities Committee and sought to ensure women’s voice was heard and that all forms of discrimination are eradicated. I was the first EIS member to take on a role supporting Learning Representatives around Scotland and promoted the leadership of women. As Vice Convener of the GTCS and Vice Chairperson of the EIS I worked to ensure women’s place.

I am a lifelong activist, former Women’s Officer and am Chairperson of Perth CLP, working hard on election campaigning. Additionally in 2018 on election as Vice Chair of Scottish Policy Forum, I was able to focus on developing policy.

As Vice Chairperson of Scottish Labour Women’s Committee, I have worked hard to support our Women’s Officers. I led on promoting a National Care Service and the 4 Day Week, with motions on those areas at Scottish Labour Conferences and Labour Conferences working with Unite, Unison and the CWU.

I am proud to be supported by Grassroots Labour Women and look forward to supporting women in CLPs.

Vote Tricia Duncan, a strong voice.

Please also vote for Grassroots Labour Women.


Morgan Fackrell

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been a community activist and campaigner for over 35 years. Through my activism within the women’s movement, with animal rights and environmental campaigns, and the lesbian and gay liberation movement where I started in the 1970’s, I developed skills, knowledge and expertise which shaped my approach to my community work and public service.
I have spent the last twenty-five years leading third sector organisations, including advice agencies, and most recently was CEO of Cardiff Women’s Aid a specialist Violence Against Women and Girls agency.
Throughout my adult life, I have engaged in direct action on a wide range of social justice issues, from homelessness to the poll tax, animal welfare and women’s rights. I am proud of having worked with other committed people on issues that were often very unpopular, to bring about changes in society’s attitude and achieve positive improvements for the most disadvantaged, oppressed and discriminated against.
I know how to build coalitions and alliances to achieve change and I will bring my front-line knowledge and understanding to inform policy development and debate.
Women’s financial inequality including recognising intersectional issues fully
End VAWG and address rising misogyny
Confront the barriers to women’s participation



Pamela Fitzpatrick

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a proud trade unionist, solid socialist standing as part of Grassroots Labour Women for the Women’s Committee.

Across every sphere the impact of COVID-19 is exacerbated for women who more likely to earn less and hold insecure jobs. As the pandemic deepens gender-based violence is increasing exponentially with many women forced to lockdown with their abusers.

The class struggle and the fight against sexism are one and the same. Our aim as women must be to advance the struggle of the Labour movement against capitalism and to free ourselves from the backward ideas and divisive tactics that the ruling class impose on us.

There are some on the left who despair at the current situation and think we are living far away from socialism. Yet what we are seeing is the death, not of socialism, but of centre-ground, establishment politics. Whilst that old world is dying a new one, based on need not profit, is struggling to be born. We must answer the concerns of working-class people and put an end to this rotten system once and for all.

Please vote also for my Grassroots Labour Women Sisters: Ekua Bayunu, Mandy Clare, Tricia Duncan and Chloe Hopkins


Kate Groucutt

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am passionate about making the Labour Party a welcoming, safe and accessible place for women: as members, volunteers, staff, candidates and elected representatives. I will make sure women’s voices and issues are embedded at every level of the party.

As a local councillor and a mum of two young children, I know first-hand just how tough it is to balance politics, activism, work and family life.

In my working life and as a trade union representative and an elected politician, I have always fought for women: challenging systemic misogyny and everyday sexism; demanding equal pay, employment rights, better childcare and mental health support; championing opportunities for young women and working class women.

Our party has a proud record, but we need to do more. Women in poorer communities like mine are bearing the brunt of the pandemic and ten years of Tory Government. Labour can only win by being the party of women and for women. I want to help make sure it is.

Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Business, St Helens Borough Council
Deputy Portfolio Holder for Inclusive Economy & Third Sector, Liverpool City Region.

GMB Union
Cooperative Party
Labour Women’s Network
Fabian Society


Chloe Hopkins

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As COVID-19 has further entrenched the gender gap and the escalating climate emergency disproportionately affects women, some of the biggest issues facing us today are feminist issues. The Labour Party must respond with feminist policies made democratically by our membership.

The role of the NWC should include working to decentralise power in the party as recommended in the Democracy Review. It’s no good only having a few women at the top getting a say, so one of my priorities is to support CLPs in establishing equalities branches. I would work closely with our trade union sisters on the NWC to support policy based on women’s struggles across our communities and workplaces.

My feminism is inclusive, international and intersectional, supporting our sisters around the world fighting for justice. We must acknowledge that many women face additional barriers through racism, transphobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, ableism, classism and other forms of discrimination. I will always fight for Labour policies that support all women.

Please vote for me and my Grassroots Labour Women sisters – Pamela Fitzpatrick, Mandy Clare, Tricia Duncan and Ekua Bayunu – and also Momentum’s Solma Ahmed.


Izzy Lenga

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Women are the lifeblood of the Labour movement. It was women who empowered me to join and women who continue to inspire me daily. However, as a Jewish woman, I know too well the ramifications of daring to have a political voice – abuse which too often pushes talented women out our movement.

I stand for a Labour women’s committee that’s progressive and radical – us women are a force to be reckoned with. We must be at the forefront of shaping the national agenda for women.

Elect me and I’ll fight for:

A committee that’s inclusive, welcoming and fights for ALL women.

A committee that won’t rest until the scourge of sexual harassment and transphobia are stamped out from our party and an independent complaints procedure is implemented.

A committee that’s ingrained with Trade Unions, ensuring women are at the forefront of TU activity and that unions campaign on the issues that matter to women.

A committee that fiercely defends all women shortlists and empowers more women to get involved in local and National politics.

A party and politics where abusive, misogynistic language is never tolerated, and one which keeps fighting for misogyny to be considered a hate crime.

Marianna Masters

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

When I decided that Labour was my political home it was because of the brilliant women that I had met throughout my life. Women who had conviction and were wholly intersectional – Labour women.

I am standing to be on Labour’s National Women Committee because inclusivity isn’t just an afterthought to me, it is the core of my character. My work in grassroots activism has taught me the importance of meaningful representation. It made me angry that young Black women were finding it harder than ever to access higher education because of the cutting of EMA. But I got organised when I met a young mother who was struggling to access affordable education and go back to work because sure start had been cut. That was when I knew I had to run to be a Labour councillor and work in my community with women, on a deeper level. If elected, I plan on raising these important issues nationally, it will be at the forefront of how I chose to represent women on to the rest of the party.


Vicky McGurk

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I would like to self-nominate to take a position on the National Women’s Committee. I am a proud and active Labour woman, elected to Blackburn with Darwen Council and Executive for Finance & Governance taking action and delivering outcomes locally.

Since an early age growing up in Thatcher’s poverty-stricken Britain, my call to action was throughout childhood when the stark reality between the Have’s vs the ‘Do not Have’s’ was clear as was opportunity to quality education, quality food and good quality of life.

Unfortunately, the stark realities of the current government are that; now more than ever these inequalities exist and are more detrimental to families and exceptionally to women and children, with poverty increased by more than 40% and the realities of the North/South wealth divide deepening.

If elected to this committee I want to stand as a representation of the demographics of the North and be a loud, clear and articulate voice for the women of our party highlighting our sisterly strength, value and determination to fight against inequalities that impact men, women and children of our nation and continue to inspire and mentor other women to hear the call to action and get involved in politics.


Shonagh Munro

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I will be a strong voice on the National Women’s Committee for our Scottish members. For too long our party has ignored the concerns of members in Scotland on a national level.

I have represented socialist societies on the Scottish Executive Committee and championed the voices of young members within our movement. The Party needs to reform its safeguarding procedures to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our young members to grow. We need to stamp out all forms of hate from misogyny, homophobia, racism and transphobia from within our Party.

As a former organiser in Scotland, I know the challenges that Labour will face in the next General Election and at the Scottish Parliament elections this May. I have the experience needed to organise our members and ensure that our issues and policies are heard and prioritised by the Party.

I want to see a committee that encourages women to stand and defends our record on all women shortlists. I won’t stop until we strengthen our women’s mentoring within the party as this is the only way we will see diverse women and women from our regions and nations getting elected.


Henna Shah

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m standing to be on the National Women’s committee because I have the experience and determination to ensure that the women’s movement in our party is an inclusive space where the issues that impact members are at the heart of our agenda.

Intersectionality must be at the heart of our movement. I am a co-founder of #CharitySoWhite and an anti-racist campaigner who will amplify and fight for marginalised voices and issues on the committee. We can’t tackle misogyny and advance women without tackling LGBT-phobia, racism and ableism, and this will be my priority if elected.

As the Chair of London Young Labour, I have prioritised building an active campaigning force to get us into government. To succeed, we must develop talented women at all levels of the party – from our branches to Westminster. This means transforming our culture so all women are welcome, supported and encouraged to stand.

We have come so far as a movement and a party, but we have a far to go in making sure our voices are heard and that we are respected and represented. Vote for me, and I’ll work hard over the next two years to make this a reality.


Jennifer Smith

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As a CLP member of the newly formed National Women’s Committee I will ensure constituency women’s voices are heard by taking an active approach to the committee role; ensuring we communicate with women members, that women are enabled to engage with important organising and policy work, and that we challenge the party to provide resources and guidance to CLPs and Women’s Branches.

The inaugural two-year term will be an important time for the NWC to establish its priorities. I will work proactively with all committee members to ensure our policy and organisational work is centred on supporting women in the party.

I am Women’s Officer for Bury North CLP and have been an active member of the Labour Party since 2014. I created the first women’s forum in Bury and established local and national networks to support for women members. I will bring this experience to:

1. Centre women in our party, support our women members in their work, prioritise policy, and challenge sexism and discrimination
2. Facilitate better opportunities and support for women to network and organise across the party both formally and informally
3. Promote and enable open debate to establish and champion issues brought forward by women


Claudia Sorin

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been disheartened to witness how Labour party structures can often disempower and isolate women members. However, in recent years we have seen welcome change with a policy-making Annual Women’s Conference, the move to Women’s Branches and now the National Women’s Committee.

When elected to the Committee I will work to build on that progress by ensuring that women are represented at all levels of our party, that women feel welcome and empowered to debate policy which affects our lives, our work, our material reality and to fight the discrimination we face on the basis of our sex. It is vital that the NWC does not become a factional battleground, it must honestly and transparently represent women in the Branches and CLPs allowing their voices to be heard. It is only then that our Party will be able to win power in government.

My Priorities

• Equality in the workplace and a living wage
• Good quality childcare
• Properly funded NHS and social care
• Carers’ rights
• End violence against women and girls
• Challenge regressive and harmful gender stereotypes

I am a signatory of the Labour Women’s Declaration.

You can find out more at
and contact me [email protected]


Joyce Still

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been active in the Labour Party since 1990, having been a local Councillor and a Parliamentary Candidate 3 times.
I am the Secretary of my CLP and past Women’s Officer.
I am a passionate strong trade unionist, having sat on Unite’s EC for nine years.
I am about making our Labour Party and our policies LGBTQ+ positive.
My aim will be to empower and educate all women to engage at every level of the party structures.
Our party needs to be a safe place for all women to be seen and heard.
I will endeavour to nurture younger women to come forward, be active, as they are OUR future.
I have been a delegate to my union’s Equality conferences and have represented our members at Women’s TUC conferences; I sit on the Women’s Rights Committee.
If elected I will stand up for/represent women on issues of inequality/equality; I will do comprehensive reports, be visible in your CLPs, approachable and easily accessible.
My commitment as a recently retired front line Health Worker is to deliver a collective voice for women members of the Labour Party so we are empowered, and women’s voices are heard/echoed throughout our movement.


Ruth Woodhall

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

With the National Women’s Organisation and the National Women’s Committee, we can open a new era of women’s activism in the Party.

To be effective, the NWO must serve the needs of all women in the party and not be captured to achieve aims which are not primarily for women’s benefit. We must win women’s loyalty by recognising and fighting against discrimination and for the rights of different groups of women, such as disabled women, women of different black and ethnic minority groups, and women in different age groups, and see where needs and rights intersect.

As CLP representative, I will work to centre women in all policy making and campaigning. I pledge to work with my fellow reps to establish Women’s Branches in every CLP; to train women members to use all arenas to make and influence policy; and to ensure women win positions inside the party and in local and national government. I aim to network our Branches in regions to maximise women’s leverage.

I will report back promptly to Branches after NWC meetings. I will be accessible to all women members. I am committed to listening to and representing your views.

Iram Woolley

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Dear Sisters and allies,

I’m Iram Woolley School Governor Muslim Woman, and asking for your support in this election.

Over the past year, it’s been an absolute privilege to represent women on the Unite Community West London, and to further the work of the Women.

From helping to run our events, training, Media Interviews, Child Food Poverty, Black Lives Matter, and standing for office. Provide confidence to those dealing with trauma and fear from experiences within the political community,

We invite all members to commit to the following principles:

1. End Persecution
End cruel practices toward absolute equality, and equal treatment for Women

2. End Inequality
Pressure governments toward absolute equality and equal treatment for Women

3. End Social Disparities
Afford Women equal access to excellent education, NHS and Housing.

4. End Disenfranchisement
Eliminate barriers that impede representation in the political process, and government for all Women

5. End Indifference;
Establish absolute justice, Innocent lives matter, and supremacy of justice. We demand absolute equal treatment, of all people irrespective of race, or colour.

I support Cooperative BAME Women, 50:50, Elect-Her, Fabian Women, LWN Labour Womens’ Network, APPG Muslim Women. Give me first Preference on the VOTE.


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