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Young Labour National Committee

Candidate Statements

Young Labour National Committee – BAME Officer

Statements of members who wish to stand for the Young Labour National Committee – BAME Officer. There is one position in this section to be elected by all members under the age of 27 who have self-identified as BAME.

For clarity, being listed below is NOT a requirement of being nominated and CLPs/Young Labour Branches or affiliated organisation are free to nominated anyone who meets the eligiblity criteria.

Jeanette-Eunice Ababio

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

After working with various young people’s groups in my local area BAME representation, education and social issues is key to fostering a healthy, informed society. There is intersectionality between BAME and other groups so we need to work to improve relations both externally to the BAME identity as well as internally.


Saira Afsara Ahmed

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My name is Saira Ahmed and I would like to nominate myself to be the BAME officer.

Being brought up as a British-Bangladeshi, Muslim, I have experienced and seen the inequality faced by the BAME community and more needs to become to ensure that our underrepresented communities have a voice and are listened to.

I grew up in a very diverse community and had the chance to interact and build relationships with a huge range of people from different walks of life. What was always evident though was that many of us felt like we weren’t being offered the same opportunities.

It is extremely important that we get our BAME community taking more of an active role in politics. I want to start conversations with these communities and remind them that they are being heard and that opinions do matter.

If I were to be elected to this role, I would carry it out with enthusiasm, drive and compassion. I want to foster an environment that will welcome everyone, make them feel included and will treat everyone with respect and as equals. I think it is time that our politics represents the diversity seen in Britain every day.

Thank you


Humza Ali

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My name is Humza Ali and I would like to be considered for the post of the BAME. I’m a student who lives in the East Midlands and studying Law, Business, Politics and Sociology. The reason want to be a BAME officer is so that I can try my best to get equally opportunities for all ethnic minorities in England



Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Growing up in South East London, I was told Black Lives don’t matter. To me they didn’t matter when I was stopped and searched, they didn’t matter when I was bullied online for being black. It felt like they didn’t matter when I watched George Floyd suffocate. But our movement knows it matters.

For us, BLM isn’t a hashtag or a trend. It can’t be when the people being murdered, or ignored or profiled look like me and my family. I can’t just talk about structural racism as an abstract concept – I live it. Therefore, my political home chose me, it has always been Labour and always will. But, the movement has got a mountain to climb, this cannot just be a moment. The BAME community is diverse, and we are not one homogeneous group. We each face different forms of oppression, but we must stand united against all forms of racism. We need to not only tackle anti black racism, but antisemitism, GRT racism, Islamophobia, colourism.

History has taught us that young radicals have been ahead of the curve and that is what Young Labour has the potential to be – and that is why I am running.


Dania Frag

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My name is Dania and I am so excited to be running for Young Labour’s BAME Officer. As an Arab Muslim, I often felt like the odd one out at school and have suffered from my fair share of racial discrimination and prejudice, just like many POC, I wished I wasn’t BAME for years before finally realising it’s a strength, because I now have the power to see from the view points of many BAME people who have experienced similar issues to me. By nominating me for this role I will make sure BAME voices are heard in every constituency, and all people are treated equally no matter what race, colour, or ethnicity they are, including but not limited to tackling micro-aggressions and negative stereotypes surrounding many BAME communities. I will work towards ensuring BAME cultures are appreciated but not singled out, and make sure appreciation is shown during events in and around Wigan. So I would love to take on this challenge!


Jude Install

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been shocked in the last months at the disparities between ethnic minorities, and those who are privileged like myself. We must not ignore the international crisis of racism and inequality, and help build a platform for change. i would love this position, and would be honoured and privileged to help change society as we know it. The awful racism across europe and america; and the anti-ethnic underbelly of the UK must be stopped! Education of our young like myself must be altered to accommodate ethnic history, along with our own, to breed equality through the masses of children still to come in our society. thank you


Agit Karatas

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Losing a cousin to interracial conflict in the Middle East was the initial spark to my oath of commitment to join the battle of the oppressed against injustice. As a Kurdish individual from East London and an undergraduate student in Politics and International Relations at the LSE, I am conscious of the fact that BAME communities are victims of majoritarian political systems. I aspire to work collectively with co-members of our community towards a society based on equality of opportunity, where the socially vulnerable segments of our population can advance their individual development on a level-playing field.

I am a strong advocate of minority empowerment as a means of inducing progressive social change. Prior leadership experience in institutional establishments has predisposed me the complexities of community work – resulting from social and cultural diversity.

As a multilingual individual, I pride myself with my skills in interaction and communication across multiple cultural groups, forming relationships at any social level.

I have faith in our minority communities against the injustices of flawed political systems and invite you to consider me as a candidate who perceives addressing your interests as a moral duty.


Abdullah Okud

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As an organiser of Sheffield Black Lives Matter I am standing to be a socialist Young Labour BAME Officer that unites BAME communities in our Party to organise intersectionally and collectively against institutional anti-black racism, Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

As a Black man I know that minoritised people have not just been underrepresented in our Party, but systematically marginalised and excluded. For too long our Party has failed to fight structures in society that uphold the oppression and exploitation of racialized people across the world, from policing, to the economy, to foreign policy.

I’m standing for a socialist anti-racist Young Labour that will stand up for BAME members and hold our Party to account.

I’ll use my experience leading my Students’ Union and on NUS’ National Executive Council to ensure that Young Labour supports and mobilises members behind the BLM movement, and other movements for racial justice such as the United Families & Friends Campaign.

I’ll use my experience as Sheffield Young Labour BAME Officer to build a national network of young BAME Officers and organisers that will facilitate socialist, anti-racist, anti-imperialist political education, campaigns and policy. Working with BAME members to build our collective power.

Proud to have Momentum’s support


Kyle Michael Ruddy

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I take things like this very seriously and do not like to see anyone singled out because of their race or background. We are all the same as far as I am concerned and I think that this would be a good opportunity to make a difference in the world we live in today.


Jonathan Semugooma

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As a black boy who’s family circumstances granted him the honour of going to a boarding school, while my siblings were educated through the state, I have seen the dichotomous relationship between the opportunities provided by boarding schools which often are disproportionately attended by non-BAME individuals and the state school where my siblings felt uncared for and were not able to embrace the opportunities that independent education offers students. I have also seen the different levels of discrimination that have been built into the institutions from the social deprivation brought about by the state school’s limited funding to the implicit and often underhanded prejudice that I experienced as a naïve, working class black boy in an elite institution. My circumstances inspired me to join the labour party as I saw the work it was doing to promote equality on all fronts, and as the BAME officer, and an avid public speaker I will push forward issues of racial discrimination and work to combat them to the fullest extent of the role. Finally, coming from my unique background, I believe that I can help educate people on the often overlooked problems minorities still face within the UK from a different perspective.


Aaban Mudassir Shah

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

You know my name, now know my nature. Growing up within members of BAME alongside of course being one myself, practicing traditions and embracing our culture with pride, I have a clear view of what we struggle with, what we require to succeed. This position you are providing in itself has signalled progress, but the bottle isn’t full yet, we still have jigsaws lying around, waiting to be fit into the board. One of the jigsaws, being me. As well as having family experience within democratic socialism, my personal experience at my age is unmatchable. You don’t stay unbeaten at the school debate club for no reason. Nor do you come up with questions, challenging for even the most experienced of political appreciators. For us, I will be the advocate, the addressee, and the provider. To portray the ongoing events within the BAME (which has improved, but as I said, nothing is completed), is a role only I will do for my people, not just representing the majority of us through my ethnicity, but through my culture, practices, beliefs, and traditions, making me both a proud teenage British Citizen and a proud teenager of Pakistani origin.


Gurpreet Singh

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been the Youth Office for my CLP, stood as a candidate in the 2020 NEC Elections. I have worked with our local councillors and MP on various issues surrounding the local community. Have helped to support the local residents with food parcels and work with various charities such as FareShare.

Strong believer that if all communities and groups come together then we can become truly one.


Amen Tesfay

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

BAME communities have always been a strong backbone of the Labour Party. As such, it needs a movement that sees our liberation not as an optional add-on but as an essential priority in any campaign for power.

From co-founding the 1987 Caucus, A group of Young Black Male members, to chairing the QMUL Labour Society, I have always been active in pressing the movement to live up to the Anti-Racist values we all proclaim.

Activists of Colour are now feeling disenfranchised and ignored within the structures of the Party. And for many members, particularly Black members, there are too many barriers that stop them from getting involved. Now, more than ever, we need a strong voice to champion their concerns and talents in the Young Labour national committee.

The path to a Labour government is through Young Members of Colour within our Party. From COVID-19 to education, policing to housing, we’ve seen just how integrated society’s shocking injustices are today. To confront these injustices head-on, we need an active and diverse Labour Movement to advocate for radical change passionately. That is at the core of why I am running for the BAME officer of Young Labour.


Joseph Vambe

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

The Goal: a nation where individuals will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.

The Method: we must recognise the imbalances that currently exists and then over-compensate to level out the mass racial inequality that is embedded into our society.

I am guilty of being a firm believer in fair representation. I may specialise in ‘Political’ Representation in my studies at the University of Cambridge, but I believe in fair representation in all aspects of society.

I believe that in industries where women are under-represented, when it comes to applications women should be prioritised over men; I believe that in industries where the working-class are under-represented, such as in politics, working-class candidates should be prioritised over middle-class candidates; and I strongly believe, in the various realms where there is insufficient BAME representation, BAME candidates should be prioritised over White candidates.

This is how we achieve the goal – no longer seeing race, but seeing character, talent and merit; in the language of Brexit, call it the transition period. It’s time for us all to wake up and look towards the future society we all hope to live in, a just one.


Abid Zaman

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m Abid, a 1st year Economics student at the University of Glasgow. I recently joined Scottish Labour in February and I am standing for the position of BAME officer and am very passionate in helping fellow young people and students across the country. Also I am very keen on increasing Labour membership of young people (including BAME’s) as it is so important to have young people’s and BAME voices heard and represented. I am also a class rep at my university so I have experience of working with young people and understand the importance of the hardships and struggles of young people never going unnoticed or being ignored.

I believe in equality, where wealth and power are shared and no child has to grow up in poverty and having a well-funded NHS. I also hugely believe in racial equality and increasing awareness of diversity and integration between BAME’s and the wider society. I aim to increase interaction between young people as I know how tough the pandemic has been on them (through regular online events, activities and the use of social media) until restrictions are lifted sufficiently to have events in-person.


Young Labour National Committee – Disabled Members Officer

Statements of members who wish to stand for the Young Labour National Committee – Disabled Members Officer. There is one position in this section to be by all members under the age of 27 who have self-identified as Disabled.

For clarity, being listed below is NOT a requirement of being nominated and CLPs/Young Labour Branches or affiliated organisation are free to nominated anyone who meets the eligiblity criteria.

Leon Alleyne-McLaughlin

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

When I was diagnosed with dyspraxia, dyslexia and epilepsy aged 18, I thought my disabilities would hold me back. Since then, I’ve seen how the Tories have stripped away the foundation laid by the last Labour government to make the lives of people like me easier. I knew I was Labour from then on because we’re the only movement that values dignity at work and representation throughout society.

Being a black, disabled man means I have faced the brunt of Tory Britain. I understand how difficult it is getting diagnosed and accessing learning support, and still is to get proper care to suppress my seizures. But if we want society to be fully intersectional, it must start from within our party. Our movement has led the way with life-changing achievements. Still, I fear it has forgotten us too. But we can break ground and show the rest of our party, and society, that campaigning can be accessible and successful. We can lead the way in creating a space that is safe and welcoming by introducing proper safeguarding processes for disabled young people. And together, we can, as disabled people, be at the forefront, helping shape the next Labour government.


Dillon Jay Lomax Crawford

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Over the years, I have been campaigning for equality for disabled people. I am disabled myself and I know how hard it can be to be disabled and if you vote me as disabilities officer I will make sure that disabled people get the same opportunities of those who do not have disabilities.
I many different disabilities and I can tell you it’s not easy to live with disabilities and that is why I will fight for equality and dignity for disabled people which I believe that this Conservative government is not delivering.


Leon Evans-Lochlin

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 4 years ago, 8 years ago I couldn’t read or write and last year I passed all 6 of my GCSEs. I’m one of the lucky people in the UK who was able to get the right support, but I can only say this thanks to the hard work of those who love me most. I spent 8 years of my education in a SEMH school. There I faced challenges, I saw the positives, the negatives, and the achievements young people make when given the right support. It was my upbringing in that very environment that shapes the person I am today, empathic, passionate, and determined to do all I can to make the Labour Party a welcoming, encouraging environment for people with a whole range of disabilities. We often forget that not every disability is visible, and we shouldn’t hide any disability from friends, or family, or be afraid of who we are. Because everyone has something to contribute to our party, and that is something that we should all be proud of. I’ll make sure my work is a success for both our party, and the communities that we represent.


Joshua Harcup

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Young Labour recently announced elections for equality officers, I can confirm I will be standing for Disability Members Officer. For far too long, young disabled people have been underestimated. That changes now, and it becomes part of a change that is long overdue.

As a Young Activist with Autism, I’ve never let anyone tell me that anything is impossible to do.

Lead a campaign against Academisation – I’ve done it.

Campaign heavily in a General Election, talking to voters in all weathers – I’ve done it.

Run for Young Labour Disabled Members Officer – Lets do it!

I want to be the champion for young disabled members on Young Labours national committee. We can make safeguarding effective, ensuring we feel safe and ensuring the Party keeps us safe. We’re going to eliminate economic inequality, making an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top. We will fightback against corruption, taking power away from a handful of billionaires and giving more of it to the people.

We’ll organise to scrap tuition fees, stop the wholesaling of our schools. And, fight to protect our NHS from low funding and privateers.

Lets unite our fight, I hope to have your support!



Osayuki Igbinoba

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am standing for the position of disability members’ officer because disability is underrepresented in the Labour Party. I am a 4th year pharmacy student at Kingston University and I work part time at Boots as a pharmacy advisor. I am a disability campaigner. Additionally, I am a double amputee above the knee. I use prosthetic legs and I am also a wheelchair user. My campaign after being denied ramp assistance on my commute to work during lockdown led the Minister of State for Transport to write an open letter to the rail companies regarding assistance for disabled passengers, and further changes too. Also I graduated from the Scope for Change programme with the disability Scope and I was the disability student union rep.
If I am elected, I will create a platform where disabled young members are free to speak about the issues they face, not only in the party but in society too. Additionally, I will encourage more disabled members to stand for
positions and I aim to increase the representation of disabled members. I will work with Ellen Morrison and disability CLP officers. Also, my goal is to create an annual conference for all young members.


Tom Laing

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Dear Friends,
My name is Tom Laing, I have been an active member of our Party since joining at 14.
I am currently:
Secretary of Wirral Young Labour

Chair of the Young Fabian Disability Network

Disability Officer for Young Labour North West

Disability Officer for Young Fabians North West

Through my lived experience I know the issues that those who identify with a disability face, both within our movement and wider society.
If elected I will:

1.) Give full, detailed and transparent reports from National Committee meetings including how I voted. I will attend Young Labour Branches and give verbal reports to members and answer their questions.

2.) Be open to comment, actively seek the views of young disability members and respond to enquires. I am committed to representing our views at National Committee.

3.) Campaign for Young Labour Disability Members to receive training on standing for public office to ensure we have more diverse and representative candidates.

4.) Campaign to ensure Labour’s next manifesto addresses the lived experiences of young members with disability in this country.

5.) Work with trade unions and socialist societies on socialist ideas to promote equality, diversity and inclusiveness within our movement.

Vote Tom


Aisha Malik-Smith

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

For too long, Disabled people’s representation within the labour movement has been tokenistic or limited to a struggle for basic accessibility. I’m standing for Disabled Member’s Officer to ensure that Disabled people are at the heart of the policy issues that affect us, that we are able to self-organise, and that we have access to all levels of the party. The key principle of the Disabled people’s movement is ‘Nothing about us without us’ – this must be embedded in the Party and Labour in government.

My priorities include running political education events on the history of the Disabled people’s movement and contemporary policy campaigns, and raising awareness of the activism done by Disabled people. I’ll seek to develop a network of young Disabled members, to provide a space for activist development and advice, and will push for Party funding for access support at all events.

Young Labour must remain a compassionate and organised socialist movement, supporting Disabled members in taking on positions of responsibility, and nurturing them as trade unionists and activists.

I’m an active Unite member, was recently elected Chair of my CLP, have been Disabled Members’ Officer for London Young Labour since 2019, and am backed by Momentum.


Mr Cameron Angus Redpath

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been Disabilities Officer for the North West since 2018/19 and have a real passion for making our voices heard and creating change as I am a wheelchair user myself, I can sympathise with you all day to day struggles and barriers we disabled people face. My work that I have done so far has been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen and the former Prime Minister Theresa May. I have also appeared on BBC North West Tonight which you can find on Youtube and in my local paper the ‘Lancaster Guardian’ if you google this along with my name, you will be able to see just how much I have supported my local community.
If elected as your Disabled Member’s Officer I will not leave anyone out I will represent you as if you are a family as every disabled person matters.
I will keep in regular contact with our Disabled Member’s to make sure we as the Young Labour Party are doing everything, we can to support our Disabled community.
For the Many, not the Few.


Aeden Rooney

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

While not physically disabled I suffer from ADHD, ASD and ADD. I feel as if I could offer a more vocal approach to dealing with issues that effect mental illness as while there is currently an increased hysteria around them I believe that no good has come as a result of this and I would like to see that this is not the case


Logan Sheppard

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I may be relatively new to the Labour Party, but I’ve been supporting them for a while. I’m autistic & know what it’s like to experience the hardships & difficulties disabled people go through, as well as the ways in which the government has failed people with different requirements.
I’m also a keen promoter of science & diversity, & hope to combat misinformation spread about things like vaccines, as the COVID conspiracies remind me disturbingly of the autism pseudoscience.
I’m quite a pugnacious, outspoken fellow also, unafraid to speak my mind & point out the off-limits.
In the end, I think I would do an excellent job representing disabled people across the Labour Party & beyond, tinted with an analytical attitude my autism gives me.


Logan B. Sheppard


Alex Wray

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Hi, I’m Alex! As a passionate disabled Labour member with a history of action and knowledge of key issues, I want to take on the role of Disabled Members Officer.

My policies:

1) Provide support

Coronavirus has presented unprecedented challenges to disabled members. Many have concerns including accessing higher education, finding employment and food poverty. I will listen, provide advice, and help connect you with professionals.

2) Improve accessibility

Young Labour should be a positive organisation for members. An unpleasant environment is particularly inaccessible to those with social anxiety or mental health conditions. I will work to tackle issues of abuse and bullying.

3) Run campaigns and events

Disabled members deserve a voice, and I will campaign to raise awareness of disability issues, e.g., opposing the removal of the universal credit uplift. I will also organise a range of social events (physical and virtual) for disabled members across the country.

I have the experience to deliver on these promises. I served as Disabled Officer for my student union at university, representing over a thousand disabled students. My achievements include opposing Disabled Students Allowance cuts, campaigning for accessible accommodation and promoting disability sport.

Elect me and be confident that you’re heard.


Young Labour National Committee – LGBT+ Officer

Statements of members who wish to stand for the Young Labour National Committee – LGBT+ Officer. There is one position in this section to be by all members under the age of 27

For clarity, being listed below is NOT a requirement of being nominated and CLPs/Young Labour Branches or affiliated organisation are free to nominated anyone who meets the eligiblity criteria.

Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

LGBT people, like any group, are autonomous individuals with a variety of beliefs and opinions. Among the LGBT people in this country are right-wing historian David Starkey and controversy-baiting journalist Douglas Murray. The cultural image of LGBT people as inherently opposed to conservatism is blatantly false.
I say this not in an attempt to endorse conservatism as such, but simply to emphasise that LGBT people must be considered as individuals rather than members of a group. Straight people have the luxury of not being defined by their ‘straight’ identity – why should LGBT people not have this luxury?
Thus, as an LGBT officer I would, while defending LGBT people’s rights, not make any assumptions about what other LGBT people would think, how they would act, or how they would react to specific policies. I would always aim to protect people’s rights in the area of their sexuality, but never view them as a culturally segregated group inherently different from straight people. This is essential in an LGBT officer. Because of their dominance in culture, stereotypes can come from the person these stereotypes concern. I would aim to prevent this from dominating discourse.


Chad Cotterill

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As a member of the LGBT community, it is clear as a society, things are moving forward, especially amongst our younger generation, which this is something we should all proudly stand tall in pride with. However, we must go further to provide the LGBT+ community which I’m so immensely proud to be apart of, to ensure that they feel safe, protected, welcomed and are able to proudly identify themselves with this great community without stigma from an outdated view that unfortunately still lingers within our society. This with a collective effort, when we work together we are a powerful force, so let’s use this and work together to use our power and our key value of solidarity to speak up for the LGBT+ community, and I will use this platform to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and that our LGBT+ members feel welcomed, secure and can stand tall in pride with who they are!


Bradley Coulson

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As the Young Labour National Committee’s LGBT Officer I will…

– Not only represent what LGBT issues I feel strongly about but also ones that reflect the community as a whole.

– Fight for transgender rights and visibility.

– Bring change to industries and areas where LGBT people aren’t represented enough.

– Push for a more open dialogue and discussion on the issues the LGBT community face in society today.

– Create an open dialogue with authorities in tackling LGBT related hate crime, and what more we can do to prevent them, and get more justice.

– Aim to put on more events, not only in my local area but nationally too, for LGBT people.


Solomon Cuthbertson

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

As Chair of Trafford Young Labour and as LGBT+ Officer for Stretford and Urmston CLP, I have first-hand experience of the unacceptable lack of safeguarding training available to Young Labour groups and young members. I’ve also seen first-hand a slow and ineffective complaints system, which needs urgent work.
If you elect me, I pledge to:
– Vocally stand against transphobia in all its forms and work with the national committee to lobby the Party to adopt a definition of transphobia.
– Act as a champion for safeguarding reform in Young Labour, calling for accessible safeguarding training for young members and youth officers.
– Work with LGBT+ Labour for events and parades to be truly accessible to young members.
– Write full and detailed reports on each National Committee meeting.
I am not standing to be LGBT+ Officer to push my own opinions onto a committee, I’m standing because we need a representative who will listen to young LGBT+ members, and who will actively be your voice on the national committee.
Thank you for reading, I’d be honoured to win your vote.
My pronouns are He/Him, please feel free to contact me either by email at [email protected] or by Twitter @SolCuthbertson.


Becks Fleet

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m a huge believer in equality for all people, and as a gay man, I’m particularly passionate about helping to promote equality, acceptance and rights for LGBTQ+ people. We’ve come so far in the past few decades, but there’s still so much left to be done, especially for transgender and non-binary people; transphobia is still a huge issue in Britain, and in many communities, being non-binary is still taboo and far from being accepted. However, this can be changed; just as we’ve seen acceptance for gay, lesbian and bisexual people rise over the last few years (although homophobia remains an issue we need to fight), the same can certainly be done for transgender, non-binary and gender nonconforming people. I firmly believe that the Labour Party – and Young Labour – can be a force for good, battling transphobia and raising acceptance, and I’d love to be part of that.
I’m currently a sixth-form student and starting university in September to study Politics, so to get involved in politics – especially as part of a party whose values I believe in, fighting for a cause close to my heart – would be an amazing experience.
Thank you for reading and considering my application.


Katherine Rosa Antonia Ford

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Hi! I’m Kitty (she/her), 18, and spend most of my time raging about Tory incompetence and cruelty.
Politics has always meant a lot to me, and it is an unfortunate but firm truth that who we love and who we are is still a deeply politicised and divisive issue.
Being queer means a lot to me , and I’m so tired of important discussions around LGBT issues being avoided because of fear of the brandishing of the ‘identity’ politics and “woke police”cards. There is still so much to talk about. Of course, legislative wins must be celebrated. But there is still so far to go, and I believe that the Labour Party in power would be significant in implementing a lot of change we need to see. But more than that, it is the social movements and community around the Party that will truly make the difference. As Barbara Gittings puts it, “Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.”
That struggle cannot wait, and it would be a privilege to further the cause as the Young Labour LGBT officer.



April Howard

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I have been interested in politics for many years and believe that political involvement is one of the most important aspects of life. The UK is, as it stands, a country in crisis. Rampant inequality, the dire effects of austerity and the pandemic tear at the country and I am therefore a passionate proponent of the need for change. As a non- binary lesbian, I would be honoured to represent the LGBT+ community at the Young Labour National Committee. Labour have a brilliant relationship with the LGBT+ community which I would wish to continue and develop.


Kira Lewis

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’m Kira, I’m 20 and my pronouns are they/them.

Growing up as a bisexual, non-binary person in rural Somerset, I know the barriers we still face to living and loving as ourselves. I also know how challenging it is to be an LGBT+ young person in our party, facing homophobia and transphobia during last year’s NEC elections.

LGBT+ liberation is at the heart of my politics. I am determined to push for change in our party to make sure we can then hold the Tories to account for the harm they have caused our communities. With a dedicated voice fighting for you on our Committee, we can build a strong LGBT+ caucus to support each other across our regions and nations.

As your next LGBT+ Officer I will:

-Be unequivocal in calling out homophobia and transphobia across our party.

-Fight for stronger safeguarding and more funding.

-Support trade union LGBT+ groups to call for Gender Recognition Act reform.

-Push for LGBT+ Young Councillors training, so we can lead in our communities.

-Push the NEC to define transphobia as we reform as our complaints system.

-Ensure more regional events to make sure our whole caucus can get involved.


Hugh Hamish Matthews

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

My name is Hugh Matthews, I am 22, bisexual and I have been part of the labour party since 2010. I graduated from The University of Hull reading sociology with First Class Honours; also, I had a study abroad semester at Utrecht University. Further, I was dually elected as the student representative to my undergraduate for the duration of my studies at The University of Hull. Since graduation, I have been working in southern Germany in the state Thuringia as a language assistant and I am soon to be starting my master’s degree this year studying diplomacy and foreign policy at City University in London.
The Labour party and the LGBT+ movement have firmly integrated history; this a source of pride and great source unity and solidarity for both labour movement and the LGBT+ community.
I come from a single parent background and poor socioeconomic circumstances and I will always see the clear representational link between myself and labour party values. I have always been passionate about the importance of the LGBT+ community within the Labour Party. I would take great pleasure in immersing myself in the role of LGBT Officer and represent this diverse part of the Labour Party.


Paul L. McGowan

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a committed socialist and a community and human rights activist who puts that at the heart of everything that I do.

I have experience in leading organisations such the Labour Party LGBT+ Network, getting to work with MPs to formulate policy. In 2018 I founded the Labour Party LGBT+ Network with the aim to give LGBT+ members of the Labour Party a platform to organise, educate, campaign, share ideas, and build a solidarity network of – all free at the point of use.

In 2020 I founded the United We Stand: Solidarity Network – helping recourse and the setting up of self-organised liberation groups, working in collaboration with the UKs many underrepresented communities campaigning to improve social, economic, environmental, and wellbeing, while also educating one another to combat prejudice and more.

I also co-founded Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality with local BLM activists and have helped organise direct action protests, art festivals, and held politicians/organisations to account.
I believe that my experience organising at both national and local levels has given me the skills to represent and amplify the needs and concerns of young LGBT+ members and also give a strong voice to those who often get overlooked.


Timothy Nankivell

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Candidate Statement

I am a transgender male living in Manchester. I have a passion for working with young people. I believe that everyone is equal, no matter what background, sexuality or identity. I am very organised, efficient and passionate for what I stand for. I feel as though I would be a great candidate for the position of LGBT+ Officer. I would feel honoured to be chosen for this role, especially with being part of the LGBT+ community.


Cai Parry

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Candidate Statement

As was clear in the last Young Labour election, we have a huge problem. The stories of toxic behaviour in these elections are a huge reason why young people aren’t comfortable taking part in Labour at a national level. We desperately need better safeguarding procedures to protect marginalised young people taking part. It’s hugely problematic to have these equalities elections when talented BAME, LGBT+ and female activists have been subject to sickening abuse. This must change before we can think we’ve fixed the problem.

To win elections, Labour needs unity and principles. If leadership cannot stand up to the poison of transphobia, then it’s abandoned its principle of fighting bigotry in society. I’ll do all I can to call out and tackle transphobia. I want to be held to account on that commitment and won’t turn a factional blind eye when doing it. I’ll be a representative for all.

I’ve been active in Labour, and other activist groups for over two years, and have first-hand experience of toxic organisations and know what causes toxicity and what we must do to mitigate it, so as we can focus on getting a Labour government in 2024.


Owen Purcell

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Candidate Statement

Hello my name is Owen, and I am 19 years old and come from Lancashire. I have been an active member of Hyndburn CLP since joining the CLP in late 2019. Growing up gay, I understand the turmoil and pressures faced by young LGBT+ people and understand the long term effects of unacceptance, internalized and external homophobia and the need to put pressure on the fight to stamp that behaviour out.

As your potential LGBT officer for the Young Labour National Committee I want to help create a youth wing of the Labour Party that;

Inspires young people to give back to their community and make a change.
Is open to all individuals regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, religion or other backgrounds
Understands current issues affecting the LGBT+ family
Brings leading LGBT+ issues to the forefront of Young Labour campaigns
Helps to create a future Britain that has a fully equal society
Creates a Young Labour Party that is a safe place for all

I hope you will support me and my fellow candidates during their campaigns and do feel free to contact me via email [email protected] or via WhatsApp on 07496091086.


Torr Robinson

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Candidate Statement

My priority if elected will be to stand up for LGBT+ young people by ensuring that Labour fights with us against the Tories’ culture war. I would campaign for a party that truly represents our community; and would never be afraid to call out the party when it fails us.

That starts by making Labour a safer place for LGBT+ young people. I would campaign for a code of conduct on homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in the party so that LGBT+ youth can organise in our CLPs without fear. Alongside this, I would establish LGBT+ led political education in Young Labour to give our members the tools to combat bigotry.

I would also create an LGBT+ youth network so those members have the support needed to take action in their CLPs and communities. Finally, I will strengthen our links with other liberation sections, LGBT+ groups and trade unions so that we can build real solidarity.

I have served as London Young Labour’s Trans Officer, and as the founding Chair of the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights, both positions where I have always spoken up for trans and LGBT+ members. I am also proud to have the support of Momentum.


Aeden Rooney

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Candidate Statement

As a LGBTQ+ youth I think I can offer a new and progressive voice on the issues at hand, I will be able to execute my duties effectively. In a day and age where young people are mobilising and becoming politically engaged, I would like to bring that to a new level and convert that motivation and political energy in to more productive outlets


Hannah Slater

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Candidate Statement

Due to myself being apart of the LGBTQ+ community since I was 15; I have seen a lot of anger and hatred towards the community, and now that I am in a position to do so, I would like do whatever I can in order to assist those who I can. In addition to showing that you can have a voice, or have someone who will listen to your voice, no matter what community you belong to.


Harrison Whittaker

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Candidate Statement

My name is Harrison. I am 17 years old, and I am Bisexual.

We are in the 21st Century yet many of the LGBTQ+ Community still face Homophobia and transphobia. This needs to end!

Love is love! Let’s take a stand and make a change. Make a change that Society can be proud of. I know what it feels like to be scared to be openly Bisexual, and many others still are because of the way society views the LGBTQ+ community.

One of the Labour mottos/slogans is For the Many not the few. I am nominating myself so I can act as a voice for the voiceless, so I can fight to end Homophobia and transphobia, and finally so I can fight for the Many LGBTQ+ proud supporters not the few who discriminate and hate based on sexual orientation and gender identification.
Thank you.


Ryan Wiggins

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Candidate Statement

I am nominating myself for this position because I self-identify as a gay man and I want to ensure that queer voices are being heard, listened to and honoured. I currently feel that the Tory’s are ignoring many of our community’s voices, particularly black queer people and trans people and I would like to focus on shaping Labour’s future to support all the members of our community. Thank you for considering me.


Young Labour National Committee – Womens Officer

Statements of members who wish to stand for the Young Labour National Committee – Womens Officer. There is one position in this section to be elected by all women members under the age of 27

For clarity, being listed below is NOT a requirement of being nominated and CLPs/Young Labour Branches or affiliated organisation are free to nominated anyone who meets the eligiblity criteria.

Grace Ashworth

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Candidate Statement

If elected as Women’s Officer for Young Labour, I’ll make sure regional reps and local equalities reps are supported to self-organise in the Party. I’ll create a network of young women’s officers to facilitate socialist feminist education through Young Labour channels.
My priorities on YLNC would be to represent and amplify the views of marginalised women, including trans, BAME, disabled, LGBT+ and working-class women, and hold our Party to account where it fails trans, black and other marginalised women.
I’ll work closely with the under-18s & other liberation reps to create a concrete safeguarding policy and to tackle sexual harassment. I’ll also create resources and share information about trade unionism to young members encouraging them to stand as shop stewards and reps in their workplaces.
I’m currently a branch secretary and LCF Vice-chair. In the past I’ve worked as an organiser for both the Party and Momentum and now work for a charity. I’ll use all of these experiences to organise and empower young women in our Party. I’m also proud to have the support of Unite, CWU, BFAWU, FBU, Momentum and over 35 CLPs in this election.


Princess Bright

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Candidate Statement

My parents migrated from Nigeria to the UK to build a better future for themselves, and it was my parents who taught me the importance of giving back, community engagement and solidarity. Those values built the foundations of my activism. My values are the reason I choose to tutor Maths to kids from deprived backgrounds in my neighbourhood. My values are the reason I chose to campaign for BLM in my workplace and challenge institutional racism and sexism. And my values are what has pushed me to decide to run for Young Labour Women’s officer.

At 22 I ran and as a Labour Councillor because I knew the Tories were harming our communities and wasn’t going to stand back. Party members saw the potential in a young, black woman and selected me to become a Councillor. And it was Labour women who showed up in the dark and rain to elect me as Councillor. But, frankly, I am an anomaly. Young Labour needs to become a place where more women like me are nurtured to become leaders and campaigners- it’s the only way we will get a Labour government worth having.


Casey Cheetham

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Candidate Statement

As a young woman heading into university, I feel I would be able to manage and participate in this role well! Although I’m very young, I’m passionate about the course I’m studying at University, law with Politics, from being completely politically apathetic pre-college to developing a complete fascination with my A level Politics. Feminism was a specific topic that made me feel Incredibly empowered and led to my drive to be more active in ensure other women feel the same empowerment!

Post University I would love to find my way into the political world, this position as women’s officer would allow me to grow, develop and refine so many skills; communication of not only my own but others viewpoints and even compassion and support for others.


Lorin Kasso

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Candidate Statement

Hi everyone! My name is Lorin, a third year MPharm student. I have been a Labour Party member since 2019.

I have always wanted to do something for our society and especially for women’s and the youth’s rights. This is our opportunity to work together for fairness, justice, equality and human rights all around the world.

If you elect me, I promise to be a voice that listens and reflects your views.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve you.


Grace Obrien

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Candidate Statement

The reason I am applying for this role is because I care passionately about the issues, that we women face, and letting them be heard without them being degraded from an intolerant approach. I also believe that it is my responsibility as a woman of white privilege to help have the voices of women from different ethnicities and LGBTQ+ backgrounds heard. Another point I would make if I got this role would be helping women in lower and working class areas into parliament. They are the scaffolding to the many years of trade unions and The Suffragettes; however, they are mocked at by bigoted parties like the Tory government. I would be eager to help organise events and work remotely to help shed light on obstacles that women of Britain, and women around the world, face every day. For instance, workplace sexism and the misogynist mindset boys from a young age can develop when surrounded by men with such similar thoughts. Underlying problems like these are what create the bigger problems that we women face as we move through life. I want to address all of these problems and give knowledgeable suggestions on how we combat them.


Josie Sawtell Cousins

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Candidate Statement

I joined Labour aged 14 and have held roles in my CLP including as its youth officer. I built a youth network in Nottingham and organised events and campaigns. During and after the EU referendum, I got involved with Another Europe is Possible, speaking alongside Nadia Whittome and Laura Parker. Whilst at school I established a HeForShe society, encouraging students to engage in feminism. At university, I mentor inner-city school students debating. I developed my skills, but also my own politics when confronted with the realities of inequality.

If elected I will make sure intersectional feminism is fundamental to the Young Labour National Committee, through events such as reading groups, live discussions, and establishing strong connections with intersectional feminist organisations across Britain.

I also want to set up a zine (a small magazine that is produced cheaply by a group of people) within Young Labour to promote intersectional feminism, encourage arts and culture and establish a strong collaborative element within Young Labour.

We need to get the Labour Party into Government that comes from a strong Young Labour National committee that can mobilise support and promote Labour values nationally.


Sharne Eliza Wood

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Candidate Statement

I would like to take on the role of Women’s Officer in the Young Labour National Committee because I am passionate about fighting for the rights of women in all classes of society, no matter their difference in age, race, sexuality, birth gender, ability or social background, to be treated equally to men. I’m a proud activist for women’s rights on social media; I’m Youth Officer for Potteries Young Labour so I get a brilliant insight into the issues affecting young women in 2021. I would like to use this role to explore how we can empower and encourage women to be strong, independent and headstrong in their careers & day to day lives, with a focus on female education, the gender pay gap, marriage equality and reproductive rights. I’m active in Stoke South CLP and closely involved with women’s issues whilst working with the Women’s Officers locally, including producing a new women’s newsletter and campaigning for more women to be active locally.


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