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National Constitutional Committee

Candidate Statements

NCC CLP Section (Div III)

Statements of members who wish to stand for the National Constitutional Committee CLP Section (Div III).

There are three positions in this section to be elected by all CLP delegates to Conference 2022.


William Stenhouse Bettles

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am a 22 year old from Buckingham working in the retail industry. I have struggled throughout life giving me a grit and determination to fight for what is right. I have a strong sense of justice and am infuriated by injustice. I seek to bring these characteristics as your voice at the NCC. I am a Christian and a member of the *Christians on the Left* socialist society. I believe Jesus Christ gave us the model for a fair, free and compassionate society. I am your choice if you want a candidate who is inspired by Christian Socialist and Social Democrat values.


Daniel Blaney

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Incumbent NCC member for just over 3 years – term was extended due to Covid.
Party member since a teenager, and member in West Ham CLP since 2012. Former branch secretary, CLP fundraising officer, CLP delegate to conference. Active in the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Labour CND. Member of Unite (Legal Workers Branch 1/790).
The National Constitutional Committee must deliberate over matters of party discipline in a thorough, fair and diligent manner. I have assisted in that by working with other committee members and party staff to redraft our procedural rules. I have a strong commitment to fairness and natural justice.
I am aware of grassroots experiences of the disciplinary process and am deeply concerned to ensure members have confidence in the process.


Phil Brickell

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

With 12 years of experience as a grassroots party member, I’m a committed activist resolutely focused on getting Labour into power. The first of my family to go to university, I benefited immensely from the last Labour government. Education Maintenance Allowance, the minimum wage and record investment in the NHS all helped me get on in life growing up in North West England.

I serve as the Secretary of the Manchester Local Government Committee, as well as being a CLP Treasurer and Chair of my local branch. In addition, I sit on the Socialist Health Association’s Central Council and was, until recently, chair of my union branch.

I’m a professional compliance officer, have a legal background and hold a specialist qualification in anti-corruption. That means I’m well-versed in understanding complex rules and applying them fairly.

I will ensure the NCC stands up for the values of mutual respect and decency we hold dear. I will consider all matters before me objectively and on their merits. And I will ensure concerns are dealt with in a transparent manner.

Please also support Dan Neidle and Shama Tatler.


Zakir Hussain Fayazi

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Being a member of the party since 2017, it will be an honour to put my further efforts to help the party reaching their goal through this position.

Best regards,


Khaled Moyeed

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I am standing to be re-elected as a CLP representative on Labour’s NCC. I have served on the NCC since 2018. I have been a councillor in Haringey since May 2018. Outside politics, I am a solicitor specialising in dispute resolution.
My personal journey has shaped my passion for public service. I moved to Haringey with my family from Bangladesh at the age of 12. I lived in temporary accommodation for many years, moving to different parts of Haringey until we were allocated a permanent council house. After graduating with a Law degree, I worked in Haringey as a community organiser in the early years of my career, delivering projects to improve community cohesion and reduce crime.
I left Haringey to pursue my dream to become a litigation and arbitration lawyer. I worked at two leading international law firms in the City of London, and I’ve now set up my own legal practice – but have always remained active in my community.
I am running for a place on Labour’s NCC because I would like to continue to be a powerful voice representing ordinary members, who are the backbone of our movement. I have always been close to party members who had elected me to serve them in various positions within the Party. My skills as a dispute resolution lawyer have helped me in my role on the NCC. I have been an effective chair of panels and worked well with other NCC members as co-panellists.


Dan Neidle

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for 35 years and have been a ward secretary, ward chair and CLP Secretary. More recently, I’ve been the agent for two MPs and dozens of local councillors, and helped turn seats that were once marginal into Labour strongholds. I’ve practised law for 22 years and have advised candidates, MPs and campaign groups on electoral law, successfully fighting off attempts by other parties to use the legal system against us. I know the Labour Party rulebook. Applying difficult rules fairly and at speed is my day job.

I’m standing for the NCC because I saw neighbours, friends and family leave the Party in disgust because they thought we were tolerating hatred and prejudice. I want to play my part in ensuring that this never happens again. But we must do so fairly and proportionately, and always understanding the difference between people whose values should disqualify them from Labour Party membership, and people who’ve just made a mistake which they regret. And we must never let our disciplinary rules be used as a factional weapon.

Please also vote for Shama Tatler and Phil Brickell.


DR Neeraj Patil

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Dear friends,

I’m standing for the National Constitutional Committee because I wish to see the three pillars of our party, The Executive, Parliamentary Labour Party, and Membership, functioning effectively under our Constitution and remain accountable to the membership.

I’ve been a member of the party for 18 years. I do not represent any of the established ‘blocs’, nor does any particular pressure group influence me. I am proud to call myself an independent, long-serving, grass-roots Labour activist with experience of serving as a Lambeth Councillor for eight years and Mayor in 2010.

As a Parliamentary candidate in 2017 in the key marginal constituency of Putney, I reduced the margin of the Conservative candidate from 10180 to 1554, achieving a positive swing of 10.8%.

I have served the NHS as a doctor for 27 years, working as a Consultant in A&E; I have the necessary medico-legal experience handling complaints fairly and effectively within the timeframe dictated by policy and law.

I will discharge my duties without any prejudice or bias, ensuring that rules of natural justice are followed during any reviews or disciplinary procedures.

DR. Neeraj Patil, MBBS, FRCS, MRCS, FCEM
Consultant, A&E
Mayor of Lambeth (2010-2011)
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07963312194


Shama Tatler

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for 12 years, have been the Chair of my CLP, and currently am a Vice-Chair of the London Regional Board. In addition, I am a Councillor and Cabinet Member in Brent and have recently been selected to stand for the third time in the Local Elections in May 2022.
Previously, I have been a secondary History teacher where I have undertaken the role of Head of Department and have served twice a school governor. Understanding governance and adhering fairly to policy is something that I done throughout my career.

I’m standing for the NCC because I want to play my part in making sure we uphold Labour values of equality, justice and fairness; that we address discrimination and prejudice in a transparent process. That we make Labour spaces safe and welcoming, where debate is embraced but is not toxic or intimidating.
Please also vote for Phil Brickell and Dan Neidle.


Cecile Wright

Membership Number


Candidate Statement

Derby North CLP: Member number: A481880

I have served as a member of the NCC for 3 years. During this time, I have endeavoured to be a strong voice for the membership, ensuring that the party’s core values of fairness, equality and justice inform how complaints are investigated.
I have worked with others to ensure that the NCC is transparent, open and fair and investigations into conduct and decisions are made in a timely manner.

I have been a lifelong member of the Labour Party. I have extensive experience of representing Labour members through positions held at branch and CLP levels. I have stood as a Labour Party candidate in Derby at local elections on several occasions. I am currently the BAME offer for Derby North CLP.
I am a member of Unite and the University of College Union (UCU).

I have worked both in the public and voluntary sectors. I am an academic and campaigner in the areas of equality and social justice.

If re-elected, I will continue to be a strong voice for the membership.

Derby North CLP
[email protected]
Face Book: Facebook:Cecile Wright


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