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Conference 2021

What to expect from Annual Conference

Why do we hold Conference?

Annual Conference is one of the largest political gatherings in Europe, with 2019’s Conference drawing in over 12,000 attendees.

Annual Conference is a voting conference, attended by delegates from constituencies, trade unions, and socialist societies voting on policies put forward at the National Policy Forums, as well as a number of motions put forward by constituencies. In addition to the voting taking place in the main hall, there are also keynote speeches from all areas of the party, culminating in Leader’s Speech at the close of conference.

The main hall seats the delegates, but there are also seats for members to watch the action. There are also over 400 fringe meetings to attend, taking place in venues around the city, covering topics on all policy areas. Fringe events mainly take place in the morning, prior to main hall commencing, in the lunch break, and run late into the evening following main hall closing.

Once it is published, check the guide to see if you need a ticket for any of the events you’re interested in, and for the locations of each event. There are events running all week for members, including training, receptions, and dinners. There’s always something to do and people to do it with, so apply when applications open for a day or the whole week.

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