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National Annual Women's Conference 2022


National Annual Women’s Conference (NAWC 2022) – 19 and 20 March – aims to be as accessible as possible. We endeavour to ensure that all attendees, delegates and visitors, have access to the resources needed to participate and enjoy this event. For the second year running, NAWC 2022 will be run online, and provides us with an opportunity to increase access to the most diverse range of delegates.

This page is designed as a one-stop-shop for all your accessibility needs for NAWC 2022.


We endeavour to ensure that NAWC 2022 is accessible as possible. Online events allow greater participation, but they also offer new challenges for access provision. Please note the following:

Platform and website toolbar – A recite accessibility toolbar has been built in to the NAWC platform and website. The toolbar enables attendees to use accessible fonts, colours and images throughout their online journey during the conference.

Closed captions – Signalise will be providing palantypists for the conference, with live captions available on all sessions.

BSL interpreters – Signalise are also providing BSL interpreters for all sessions during NAWC.

Accessible documents – When a document is shared on screen, a link to a downloadable online version will also be available to attendees. As this event is 100% online – all documents are electronic and no documents are being printed for this event. However, if you need a copy printed for accessibility purposes, please let us know and we will support with this as and when required.

The NAWC agenda has been designed to be as accessible as possible, taking on board feedback from the previous online NAWC as well as other online events. There is one continuous programme with no clashes during the main plenary, allowing delegates the option to attend an event throughout both days of conference. Additional comfort breaks have been built into each days’ agenda and it’s encouraged that all attendees to take a break from their screens – please see our suggestions above.

Good sound and lighting are crucial for events to be accessible to attendees. If lighting or sound are impeding your access to the event on the platform, please flag via the platform support, in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and we will endeavour to resolve this as soon as possible.

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National Annual Women's Conference 2022

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