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Virtual Expo FAQs

Who will be attending the event?

The event is open to all who usually attend Annual Conference.  It is a great chance to engage with members of the Labour Party, councillors, politicians, trade unions, affiliates, businesses, think tanks, international visitors and third sector organisations.

How will the platform work?

We will be using the platform Bizzabo facilitated by a company called BABL. Once you have booked your expo booth through The Labour Party, BABL will be on hand to facilitate the booth and any queries you may have. They will have a support team available during the event for any technical queries.  There will be full training in advance of the event run on two separate dates.

What is the expo?

An expo booth is a hybrid product taking all the features of an exhibition stand but allowing live fringe events to be run.  Following feedback we have tried to incorporate all the requirements into packages.  If a package does not match your requirements, please get in touch and we can look at alternatives.

I just wish to hold one fringe event, do I need to take an Expo Booth where you can hold 6 live sessions?

Yes, our lowest booth option allows for 6 sessions however you do not have to host events during each session. You could show a pre-recorded video, hold a drop in Q&A or just show a hold screen with your logo and contact details during times where you don’t wish to hold a live event.

Is there a limit to the total amount of booths at the event?

There will be limitations as to how many of each booth type we are able to accommodate therefore we do recommend you book your booth as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

I wish to hold an invite only event within the Expo Booth, is this possible?

The platform will have a log in, therefore if you hold an invite only event, you can limit who you accept into your booth depending on the confirmed list which you will hold. The event itself will run similarly to Zoom or Teams and will have a chat option for questions and a hands up icon.

If I take an expo package, can I purchase additional passes?

Yes, these will cost £50 per pass (ex VAT) and will cover the whole week (19 – 22 September).  Event passes are at a cost of £75 but offered at a reduced rate for all expo clients. Passes can be purchased here.

The booth access starts from 19th September but Connected doesn’t start until 20th, do I need to use the booth on the 19th?

You will have access to your booth from 10am – 8pm Saturday 19th – Tuesday 22nd. Women’s Connected will commence on Saturday 19th.

What are the deadlines for everything?

Clients are required to comply with the following deadlines:-

  • Text and images as a jpeg for entry in Speaker profile section by 9 Sept
  • Text and logo as a jpeg for booth listings must be submitted by 7 Sept
  • Promotional materials for booth downloads by 9 Sept
  • Video’s for display, submit in MP4 at 720p by 9 Sept
  • Pass applications to our expo must be completed online by 11 Sept

How can I invite a certain MP to my event?

MP’s will be doing tours in a similar way to those that occur during the Exhibition at Annual Conference however these will be very short and more like “drop ins” throughout the 4 days. If you wish to have a particular MP speak at your event, you will need to contact their parliamentary office directly.

How long is each “session”?

Each session can last up to 2 hours however we do tend to recommend that you stick to the hour mark in order to retain the attendee’s attention.

Will we be able to gain access to attendees contact details?

The Labour Party will not share participant’s details with you.  Your organisation can obtain details of people attending your Expo by request and must be done in accordance with all GDPR guidelines. This will need to be done independently of The Labour Party.

I have arranged my own event at the same time as Connected – can I advertise this?

You can still list your event within the guide and on the app for a fee.  The link to secure this is here.

Will we have anyone available to help with the technical side of using the external platform?

The platform will hold two training sessions for those who are running an Expo. This will run through how to set up your booths and run them throughout the virtual event. There will also be dedicated members of the Platform team available during the event for any questions and queries via a chat room.

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