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Green Industrial Revolution - Call for Evidence

This call for evidence is to inform Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution programme so that it works for your region, your city, your town. It complements a series of roundtables that Labour is holding across the country in 2019.

Whether you’re a business, trade union, civil society group, Labour Party member or just a member of the public – we want to hear your views. You can submit your response by completing the form below online. This consultation will remain open until December 31 2019, but please submit your response as soon as possible to help shape Labour’s thinking.


Labour’s 2017 manifesto committed to ensure that 60 per cent of the UK’s energy comes from low-carbon or renewable sources by 2030. At the 2018 Labour Party Conference, Labour committed to a target of net zero emissions before 2050. Labour has also published an environment policy pamphlet The Green Transformation, which establishes tackling climate change, creating high air and water quality, and reversing biodiversity decline as three priorities. This pamphlet also established that Labour’s environment policies will be based on science, with their scale and scope defined by what is necessary, not by political compromise.

At the same time, Labour is committed to tackling environmental challenges in ways that enables us to deliver good jobs and productive industries across the whole country. More than that, as noted by Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for BEIS Rebecca Long Bailey, tackling climate change is a tremendous opportunity to bring well-paid, highly skilled jobs and economic regeneration to parts of the UK that have been held back, rebalancing the regional and structural inequalities in the UK economy.

But this will only be possible through an industrial strategy that is sensitive to the region-specific opportunities and risks from decarbonisation. There are regions of the UK and whole workforces reliant on carbon intense industries. Concerted action from government is needed to ensure that the UK reduces its emissions in a way that protects and creates quality unionised jobs with good pay and conditions, retrains workers to access new jobs, allows citizens and workers to engage in decision-making processes, and fairly distributes the costs.

In recent years, the government has not done enough to properly map the region-specific implications of decarbonisation across the UK. That is why we want to hear from you about the risks and opportunities where you live, and what action you want to see from a future Labour government.

Working together we can rebuild Britain.

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