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Britain cannot afford the Tories

Under the Conservatives, families, young people, pensioners and businesses are suffering from a devastating cost of living crisis.

Energy bills are up, petrol costs are up, food costs are up. Yet real wages are falling.

Instead of offering a way out of the crisis, the Conservatives are making it worse by:

  • Raising taxes on working people at the worst possible time
  • Choosing a buy now, pay later loan scheme for energy bills
  • Focusing on playing politics, cynically raising taxes now so they can lower them ahead of an election

Britain deserves a party that is on your side.

Labour has a plan to grow our economy and support Britain through this crisis:

1. We have a fully-funded plan to cut bills now paid for with a one-off windfall tax on oil and gas producers, saving households up to £600 on energy bills.

2. We would fix the energy system in the long term by insulating homes, investing in nuclear and renewables, and properly regulating the energy market.

3. Our plan to buy, make and sell more in Britain and our £28bn climate investment pledge will get the economy firing on all cylinders.

Find out how much lower wages will be in your area next year under the Conservatives:

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