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Labour’s Plan for the Recovery

This May, vote Labour to secure our economy, protect our NHS and rebuild our country.

Labour has a plan for Britain’s recovery. A vote for Labour on 6 May is a vote to stand up for working people and communities up and down the country.

We will give our NHS staff the pay rise they deserve. Labour will focus on cutting hospital waiting lists for patients, fixing our broken care system and improving cancer survival rates.

We will invest in our local businesses and high streets. Labour will work with business to create high-skilled jobs – and make sure people have the training to do them. We’ll also make sure families’ finances are protected from Tory tax rises.

Under the Conservatives, criminals have never had it so good. Labour will make our communities safe by putting thousands more police back on our streets. And we’ll focus on tackling violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Conservatives are offering more of the same: more cronyism, more incompetence and more cuts. We cannot go back to the same old insecure and unequal society that’s been so cruelly exposed by the pandemic.

The elections on 6 May are a choice.

Labour’s priorities are the priorities of the British people: securing our economy, protecting our NHS and rebuilding our country.

Find out more about Labour’s plan for Britain’s recovery.  Together, we will make Britain the best country to grow up and grow old in.

Securing our NHS for the future
A bright future for the high-street
Jobs and a green economic recovery
A recovery built on strong family finances
Tackle the increase in violent crime
Help Labour win

Labour’s plan for the recovery: Securing our NHS for the future

When Labour clapped for our carers, we meant it. A vote for Labour is a vote for our NHS heroes.

Vote Labour 6 May


The Conservatives’ decade of incompetence, cronyism and broken promises left us unprepared for the pandemic. The Conservatives have left our NHS overwhelmed.

Labour will protect our NHS by rewarding our frontline staff with the pay rise they deserve. We will make sure patients receive world-class treatment by cutting waiting lists, improving cancer survival rates and fixing our broken care system.

Labour’s prescription for the NHS

  • Pay our NHS heroes a decent wage and recruit more doctors and nurses
  • Tackle waiting lists and provide the very best cancer care
  • End privatisation of our NHS
  • Ensure every child has the mental health support they need
  • Build a social care service that makes us as proud as the NHS does


Labour’s plan for the recovery: A bright future for the highstreet

Vote Labour 6 May

Labour has a plan for a bright future for our high streets. We’ll put communities first and restore pride in local town centres.

The Conservatives have completely failed to protect Britain’s high streets over the last ten years. We need urgent action to reverse a decade of Conservative decline in our town centres.

  • A local veto to stop the Conservatives selling off our town centres to property developers
  • Empower councils to fill empty shops with new businesses
  • A level playing field for high street businesses and online rivals
  • Restore the appearance of our high streets through a Fightback Fund
  • Protect family finances so there is money in customers’ pockets.



Labour’s plan for the recovery: Jobs and a green economic recovery

Labour would lead a green economic recovery.

Vote Labour 6 May

We cannot return to the same insecure society when this is over. We can build a Britain that has good, secure jobs wherever people live and protect nature too.

The Conservatives are not up to the scale of the task we face on the climate emergency.

Labour would tackle the unemployment crisis, creating good jobs and tackling the deep inequalities we face by:

  • Invest £30bn to support the creation of 400k new jobs in the industries of the future—including electric cars
  • A ‘Jobs Promise’ to get young people into work, training or education and end long-term unemployment. Retraining for workers to help build a green economy
  • A new Clean Air Act to tackle local polluted roads and playgrounds
  • New British Recovery Bonds for savers to invest in green infrastructure and rebuilding the country
  • New flood defences for local communities hit by climate change.



Labour’s plan for the recovery: A recovery built on strong family finances

Labour will secure our economy and protect families’ finances.

The Conservatives want to choke off the recovery by hiking council tax for families, cutting the pay of our key workers and cutting Universal Credit for millions in the middle of a pandemic.

They want to keep mismanaging the country’s finances and wasting public money on contracts given to their friends.

Vote Labour 6 May


The recovery has to be built on strong family finances. That’s why Labour would:

  • Oppose the Government’s tax rises on families in the middle of an economic crisis
  • No pay freeze for our key worker heroes and a real living wage for all of at least £10 an hour
  • Stop cuts to Universal Credit and build a fairer social security system
  • Invest in council housing and tackling the cladding scandal
  • Responsibly manage the public finances, supporting business and families to grow the economy, investing wisely for the future and ending Conservative waste and cronyism



Labour’s plan for the recovery: Tackle the increase in violent crime

Labour will work to put more police on our streets, fight the causes of crime and give victims more rights.

Vote Labour 6 May

Under the Conservatives, criminals have never had it so good.

The Conservatives have slashed police numbers and violent crime has risen to record levels. Anti-social behaviour has been left unchecked.

People deserve to feel safe and secure in their neighbourhoods and town centres.


Labour would help communities feel safe with:

  • More police focusing on safer streets and tackling violence
  • Ensure police are on the beat rather than behind their desks
  • Fight the causes of crime by ensuring provision of preventative services
  • Tougher sentences for rape and domestic violence
  • A new law to ensure victims are at the heart of the criminal justice system

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