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Our 2018 Policy Consultation

We want you to help shape Labour's policies.

We know that our members and supporters drive our movement. That’s why we are asking you to get involved in our consultation. We want to hear your views, your experience, and your expertise.

This consultation is run by the National Policy Forum – the body that oversees how we shape policy in the Labour Party – and is an opportunity to help build on policies set out in our 2017 General Election manifesto. There are several ways to respond to the consultation: online, via post, or in discussions at your local Party.

If you want to help shape how the next Labour Government tackles the challenges our country faces, then we want to hear your ideas.

Together we can, and we will, transform society so it works for the many, not the few.

Find out more about which policy areas are open for consultation.

Early Years, Education Skills
Economy, Business and Trade
Energy, Environment and Culture
Health and Social Care
Housing, Local Government and Transport
Justice and Home Affairs
Work, Pensions and Equalities

Early Years, Education Skills

Consulting on the National Education Service

The principle of a National Education Service (NES) is central to the Labour Party’s future policies and wider vision for education.

From our investment in early intervention and Sure Start Centres to the establishment of the comprehensive school system and the Open University, in Government we have demonstrated our commitment to progressive reform in education.

We want to build on this proud legacy. Our ambition is of a National Education Service (NES), which provides an excellent education for all those who need it, available from cradle to grave.

The values that will underpin the NES were outlined at Labour Party Conference last year by Angela Rayner MP,  Shadow Secretary of State for Education. These principles will now form the basis of a wider consultation on how this policy will be developed.

The NES Roadshow

Together, we can create an education system that works for the many, not the few. That’s why we’ve launched the National Education Service Roadshow, in partnership with Angela Rayner.

Over three months, the Roadshow will visit our members and supporters up and down the country so they can contribute to the creation of education policy and plans for the NES.

Economy, Business and Trade

Consulting on the future of work

Work should provide people with security and fulfilment. But for too many people, work is insecure and isn’t enough to make ends meet.

The Government boasts of record employment, but our labour market is failing. Real-terms pay is still lower than before 2010, and jobs are increasingly low skilled and insecure.

In the 2017 manifesto Labour committed to a fair deal for working people.

We know that the changing nature of technology, employment and the workplace will have important implications for the economy, inequalities and working people’s living standards.

We recognise that more work is needed to develop the public policy proposals that will confront the challenges and opportunities of the Future of Work.

Energy, Environment and Culture

Consulting on a greener Britain

We believe that investing in our environment is an investment in our future and that developing a clean economy is the most important thing we can do for future generations.

Our target is to ensure that 60 per cent of the UK’s energy comes from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030, and to support emerging renewable technologies and projects.

We believe environmental protections play an important part in helping to safeguard our environment and that existing protections should be defended and extended.

A future environmental approach should be developed considering future farming and fishing regimes, preserving biodiversity on land and in the seas and leading the world in animal welfare and food standards.

Health and Social Care

Consulting on tackling health inequalities

This year sees the 70th Birthday of Labour’s National Health Service; a service set up to provide universal healthcare for all, to improve people’s physical and mental health and crucially, to reduce inequality in our society.

Over the years, the NHS has been vital in ensuring that everybody is provided with healthcare from cradle to grave, regardless of how much they earn.

Despite this, real health inequalities in our society persist. That’s why the Labour Party is prioritising this issue for wide ranging discussion and consultation this year.

Health inequalities can have significant, detrimental impacts on physical health, mental health and life expectancy, and present a significant cost to society as a whole.

Housing, Local Government and Transport

Consulting on giving people the power to shape their local communities

We believe that devolution can help address the loss of trust in politics. We have also been clear, however, there is no one-size fits all devolution.

In our 2017 manifesto, we committed to funding councils fairly and giving people a real say over their local services but acknowledged the need to continue the debate on decentralisation.

We recognise the need to help tackle the housing crisis in local areas by devolving powers and funding to get Britain building.

In addition, we recognise the strong desire to give local areas and local people greater control over transport so councils can ensure that they meet the needs of their communities.

The challenge now is to build on the policies outlined in our 2017 manifesto in a way which supports the debate about where power will sit in the future and how key services will be run and funded in a post-Brexit economy.


Consulting on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

We are proud of our record on international development.

Twenty years ago, it was a Labour Government that set up an independent Department for International Development (DFID) with a goal of poverty reduction, explicitly separated out from foreign policy.

In Government, Labour used the aid budget to save millions of lives, put millions of children in school, combat disease and poverty and cancel debts for countries around the world.

However, in the past seven years, the Government has failed to set out an ambitious plan for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals which would build on Labour’s legacy.

We must now consider what strategies the next Labour Government will pursue to achieve the SDGs at home and overseas.

Justice and Home Affairs

Consulting on protecting our communities and turning lives around

Labour believes that our justice system should both ensure people are held to account the harm they have caused, but also that they have a genuine chance to rehabilitate and reintegrate into law-abiding society.

The current criminal justice system has faced serious challenges in recent years, with policing and prisons seeing significant reductions in funding. The probation service has also undergone a major structural overhaul which has failed to achieve any improvement in outcomes.

We must develop new strategies for effective prison and probation reform, for better community sentencing, for effective early intervention and preventative action, and for ensuring fair treatment for BAME communities within the criminal justice system.

We must also address the evolving threat we face from extremism and terrorism by examining ways to renew counter-extremism strategy so it adequately confronts all forms of threat and commands the support of all communities.

Work, Pensions and Equalities

Consulting on addressing in-work poverty and working-age inequalities

Labour has a proud record of championing equality and social justice and fighting discrimination and poverty in all its forms.

We believe in equality for all and a social security system that is supportive, enabling and, for people of working-age, makes work pay.

As a society, we believe that we achieve more when poverty and inequality are reduced across all people and regions of the UK.

Labour’s challenge is to develop and implement policies that will prioritise action to tackle in-work poverty and working-age inequalities, and build a country for the many, not the few.

For the many, not the few

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