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A new deal for working people

Our new deal for working people would fundamentally change our economy

Labour believes everyone, wherever they are in the country, should be able to get a good job that gives them a source of pride, security and dignity. Labour would make Britain work for working people.

Let’s make Britain the best place to work

Labour’s new deal for working people

1. Security at work

3.6 million people are in insecure work. This means they can’t plan for the future.

Labour would give workers full protections from day one on the job, and we’d strengthen trade unions.

We’d also ban fire and rehire and give people the right to work flexibly.

2. Quality jobs

One in six working families live in poverty in the UK. This isn’t right. Labour would support British businesses so we buy, make and sell more in Britain. This would help to create well-paid, green jobs in the industries of the future.

3. A fairer economy

Your high street businesses pay their fair share of taxes in the UK but some big, global businesses, like Amazon, don’t. Our British businesses are being undercut and losing out.

Labour would level the playing field and give our businesses the boost they need to create good jobs locally.

4. Opportunity for all

Too many people can’t get the training or opportunities they deserve. We’d deliver a jobs-promise for young people with a guarantee of quality education, training or employment.

5. Work that pays

People should be able to raise a family on their wages, not struggle to make ends meet. Labour would introduce a real living wage of at least £10 an hour.

Working people are losing out under the Conservatives

The pandemic has exposed the fact that millions of workers don’t have the dignity and security they deserve from their job in Conservative Britain.

Under eleven years of Conservative Government:

  • Good jobs have been lost
  • Pay has stagnated
  • Prospects have disappeared
  • Job insecurity has increased

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Labour has been supporting people and jobs

As Britain emerges from the pandemic, across the country Labour is fighting for working people.

  • We forced an extension to furlough during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis
  • Labour mayors and councils are working directly with good employers across the country to create new jobs
  • The Welsh Labour Government is supporting businesses and jobs with a 100% business rates discount until 2022
  • And we’ve been promoting the creation of jobs up and down the UK

Labour’s priorities are making sure jobs provide security, dignity and a proper wage for you and your family.

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Employment Rights Green Paper

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