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Six reasons why Theresa May's Brexit deal is bad for Britain

This is what May’s Brexit deal really means for Britain.

Theresa May’s half-baked Brexit deal is the result of two years of bungled negotiations. Her deal doesn’t meet the six tests we laid out for Brexit. The Government is falling apart around her – and her deal doesn’t have the backing of her cabinet, let alone the rest of the country.

But what does it all mean for Britain? Take a look…

6 reasons why May’s Brexit is bad for Britain

Six reasons why Theresa May’s Brexit deal is bad for Britain.
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Posted by The Labour Party on Thursday, November 15, 2018

1. It puts jobs and the economy at risk

May’s deal doesn’t guarantee we’d stay in a customs union.

This is vital for allowing British businesses to easily sell their products to European markets.

Without a comprehensive, permanent customs union, jobs could be on the line.

2. It could weaken workers’ rights

While the EU pushes ahead with strengthening workers’ rights, like parental leave and sick pay.

Theresa May’s deal means we could fall behind and our workers could lose out.

3. It leaves immigration law uncertain

May’s deal has a shocking lack of detail about immigration, leaving the future of EU workers and Brits living abroad up in the air.

4. It could pose a national security threat

May’s deal means existing security arrangements could disappear in December 2020, leaving our borders unprotected.

5. It could drive the UK countries apart

May’s proposal offers one deal for Northern Ireland, but doesn’t mention Scotland or Wales once in 500 pages. This threatens the union of our country.

6. It could deny young people opportunities

Nothing in this deal protects student exchange programmes, nor does it protect vital research projects that can provide future jobs.

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