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Have your say on our economy

Over the next few months, the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is getting together with thousands of people across the country to discuss how we can transform our economy together after eight years of Tory austerity.

From business owners to faith leaders and local students, we’re asking people up and down the country what our next manifesto should look like – and building powerful local teams that can make it a reality.

At the moment, millions face insecurity at work or in business. Six million people are in jobs that pay less than the Living Wage, and there are nearly a million people on zero-hour contracts. The truth is that the Tories have left the many worse off while they give a few at the top tax breaks. Our local economies – and the local families relying on them – cannot wait for an election. They need Labour Party politicians and members to decide on a game plan right now, alongside the communities depending on us. And they need us to get to work on it straight away.

In July, John McDonnell kicked off his groundbreaking tour of the UK in Hastings and Rye, the seat of ex-Home Secretary Amber Rudd and one of the most deprived towns in England. At the first discussion, more than 175 people, nearly half of whom were not Labour members, told John what their key issues were in their seaside town.

Lack of secure and well-paid jobs, poor infrastructure, expensive public transport and families trapped in poverty were amongst a long list of issues raised. During the meeting, attendees worked in small groups to discuss which key issues needed to be addressed, and what people like them could do to help – with supporting the local fishing and tourism industries and providing education at the heart of their vision.  

Participants talked about how Labour’s plan for a National Investment Bank would put billions into the areas of the UK – like Hastings – that would benefit from it most.

But the people power in our economic plan doesn’t grind to a halt after one meeting. Our new Community Organising team will make sure these Hastings residents will meet again, and next time they’ll bring friends and family along – ready to get to work.

Together we will turn big local problems into community-led campaigns that can unite local people – and we will make sure that Labour’s transformation of the economy will be for the many, by the many.

While the Tories make their policies in back rooms, we’re making ours in huge halls across the country in collaboration with the public. If John McDonnell comes to your town – make sure you’re there. Be a part of transforming Britain forever.


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  • 6 October 2018 10:30 – 14:00
  • Priesthorpe School, Priesthorpe Lane, Farsley, Pudsey, UK

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