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Universal Credit: here’s what you need to know

What is it?

Universal Credit is the Tories’ new system of social security, which replaces six individual payments with a single monthly payment. This all sounds fine, right?

Well, when the programme was first introduced, it was fundamentally flawed and pushed thousands of families into poverty.

The helpline for claimants to call to chase their payments charged up to 55p per minute, and by default, claimants would have to wait up to six weeks to receive their first Universal Credit payment.

This left many families unable to put food on the table and unable to pay their rent, bills and mortgages.

This is what life on Universal Credit looks like.

The reality of life on Universal Credit is heartbreaking. That’s why our campaign to fix the faulty programme continues.

Our campaign to pause and fix Universal Credit

So far, our campaigning has made major steps towards fixing the programme. The Tories were forced to scrap the up to 55p per minute helpline charge and the waiting time to receive the first Universal Credit payment was cut from six weeks to five weeks.

This is a great achievement, but there’s work still to do. Families are still going hungry, relying on food banks and unable to make ends meet.

It doesn’t need to be like this.

Stand with us – join the campaign and hold the Tories to account.

Stand with us

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