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Why we rally for the NHS

The National Health Service is one of Labour’s greatest achievements and has deservedly become a national treasure.

But yet again, the NHS is in crisis this winter. We’ve heard it from the media, within Parliament and from our NHS staff themselves. But the Tories won’t take action to give the NHS the funding it needs.  

Last night, we rallied to save the NHS. We heard stories from people on the front line who deal with the harsh reality of the Tories’ NHS crisis every day.  We came together as a community to stand up to the Tories and demand they take immediate action to aid the critical state the NHS is in.

Hear from Jeremy, Jon Ashworth and our incredible speakers at the rally


The Tories are failing our NHS. Labour built the NHS 70 years ago and it will be the next Labour government that secures our NHS for the next 70 years.

Jeremy Corbyn, NHS Rally

Seven years of Tory cuts and austerity has had a devastating effect on the NHS. Last month, A&E performance was officially the worst on record, hospitals are at full capacity, operations are being cancelled and patients are waiting on trolleys in corridors and in ambulances outside hospitals. Yet Theresa May repeatedly describes the NHS as being ’better prepared for this winter’, showing just how out of touch she really is.

We rally because things cannot go on like this and because it doesn’t need to be this way.

We rally to stand in solidarity together with the heroic doctors and nurses who simply want to care for their patients to the best of their ability.  

We rally to support the NHS workers who give everything they can to go above and beyond, yet are met with crippling cuts to their budgets because of cruel Conservative choices.

We rally because together, we created the NHS and we’ll never stop fighting to protect it.

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