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Where We Stand

Our Manifesto

This is our manifesto, For the Many, Not the Few.

Our manifesto for a better, fairer Britain

This is our vision for a country that works for the many, not just the privileged few. With Labour, we’ll build a country where we invest our wealth to give everyone the best chance. That means building the homes we need to rent and buy, keeping our communities safe with more police officers, giving our children’s schools the funding they badly need, and restoring the NHS to its place as the envy of the world.

Use the buttons below to explore our manifesto and find out how we’ll build a country that works for the many.

Labour’s Plan for the Recovery
Creating An Economy That Works For All
Negotiating Brexit
Towards a National Education Service
A Fair Deal at Work
Social Security
Secure Homes For All
Healthcare for All
Safer Communities
Leading Richer Lives
Extending Democracy
A More Equal Society
A Global Britain
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