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Manifesto 2019

Breaking Down Barriers – Labour’s manifesto for disabled people

This manifesto proudly lays out Labour’s transformative plans for disabled people – to ensure that every person is empowered to participate fully and equally in society.

Breaking Down Barriers sets out to build a society according to the social model of disability, removing the barriers facing disabled people to accessing independent public services, education, employment, transport, justice and housing. We will honour our commitment to the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRPD), signed by the previous Labour government in 2009. We will do this by incorporating the UN CRPD into UK law, working with disabled people every step of the way.

In the past nine years, the Conservative and Lib Dems have created a hostile environment for disabled people.

They have unleashed an austerity programme that systematically denies disabled people the vital support that they are entitled to, from Universal Credit to cuts to social care.

In 2016, a United Nations report labelled austerity as responsible for “grave” and “systematic” human rights violations against disabled people. This was repeated this year, when the UN rapporteur on Extreme Poverty likened the Department for Work and Pensions to a 19th-century workhouse. But the Conservative government has shamefully buried their heads in the sand to this reality.

We are proud that the Labour Party is the only party with a manifesto developed by and for disabled people, according to the principle of ‘nothing about you without you’. Labour in government will embody that principle, empowering disabled people and enhancing our voices. Every policy decision and every pledge will be co-produced by, with and for disabled people.

This is how we will build a transformative movement, capable of reshaping disabled people’s lives and capable of demolishing the hostile environment framework that marginalises so many in Britain today.

Listen to Breaking Down Barriers here:

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