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Manifesto 2019

Charter for the Arts

Foreword by Jeremy Corbyn

“If we are to achieve that vision in Government, central to our programme will be an unwavering commitment to support and properly fund the arts.

The Government I lead will be proud to ensure that every child in every corner of the country has the opportunity to learn an instrument, engage with the arts and develop their creativity.

In the 1960s, the pioneering Arts Minister Jennie Lee oversaw Britain’s first national cultural strategy of its kind.

A strategy that pledged: “In any civilised community the arts and associated amenities, serious or comic, light or demanding, must occupy a central place.

Their enjoyment should not be regarded as remote from everyday life.” Introduction A Labour government elected in 2019 will proudly embrace Jennie Lee’s legacy to renew the cause of arts for all.

We will introduce a renewed Culture White Paper, which recognises the rich heritage of Britain’s contribution to human culture, from William Shakespeare to Ben Okri, and from Mary Quant to Tim Berners-Lee.

We will establish at the heart of government a co-ordinating committee for arts and culture working across government departments to drive a national cultural renewal.

We will acknowledge the economic importance of our world-leading creative industries and we will look to the future to include modern developments like the digital arts and creative media industries.

We will seize opportunities for artists and performers by global connectivity and access to content through the internet.

We will facilitate their continuing growth because we also understand the need for lifelong education.

We will support and ensure grassroots, nationwide participation in the arts in order to continuously develop a skilled and valued pool of performers, content creators and artistic thinkers.

Our White Paper for the Modern Arts will demonstrate that we understand not only the bottom line of artistic endeavours but the benefits of arts for arts sake, too.

The arts are a common inheritance, representing an essential part of the ever-changing culture which binds us all together in common purpose.

Today, I am pleased to present a Charter for the Arts, on which we will build in government.”

– Jeremy Corbyn 

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