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Regional Manifesto

North East

Labour will unlock the potential of the North East.

Labour will unlock the potential of everyone by building a fairer Britain.

A Britain in which we care for each other, in which wealth and power are shared, and in which every part of the country gets its fair share of investment and its say in shaping our future.

Years of under-investment and neglect by Westminster have left too many parts of the North East stuck with underpaid jobs, low productivity and slow growth.

Under the Tories, too many people in the North East are struggling to make ends meet or finding that work is no longer a way out of poverty.

Across the UK pay has stagnated while insecurity and inequality have risen. Wages are still lower than before the financial crisis, while across the country dividends paid to shareholders are up 85%.

A decade of Tory cuts has pushed public services in the North East to breaking point. Labour has a plan to deliver real change for the North East.

We will kick start a Green Industrial Revolution that will tackle the climate crisis while creating 80,000 good jobs in the North East and expanding carbon capture and storage, automotive and renewable energy industries.

We will make sure everyone has enough to live on and eradicate in-work poverty in our first term by tackling the causes of poverty and inequality, such as low pay and high living costs, while raising the floor provided by our social safety net.

We will rebuild our public services and make them the best and most extensive in the world, paid for by creating a fairer taxation system in which those with the broadest shoulders pay a little more and everyone pays what they owe. Labour is on the North East’s side.

Top commitments for the North East

  • £13 billion new investment Green Transformation Fund including Crossrail for the North, expanding two ports on the Tyne and Tees rivers, a steel recycling plant in Redcar and manufacturing facilities to support the Dogger Bank windfarms
  • 1.2 million households and businesses connected to full-fibre Broadband
  • 7,000 new council and social homes a year by the end of the parliament
  • 80,000 new well-paid green jobs
  • An immediate pay rise for 330,000 workers aged 16 and over
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