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Manifesto 2019

The Future Is Ours - Youth Manifesto

Foreword by Jeremy Corbyn

For too long politics has failed young people.

We now have a generation growing up who can expect to be worse off than their parents.

Surging housing prices, stagnating wages, rising student debt – these are just some of the challenges facing young people after a decade of austerity.

Today’s youth also face new challenges, from rising levels of knife crime, mental ill health, and chronic levels of loneliness.

This Tory government is failing on the climate emergency and pursuing policies that are bringing nothing but destruction to their environment, their health, and their future.

However, it’s hard not to be inspired by this socially conscious generation who, despite the injustices they face, have not been deterred and continue to demand change.

Across the country, young people are taking to the streets and leading the climate strikes, they’re campaigning on issues they care about, volunteering in their thousands, and using social media to make their voices heard.

We often say that young people are the leaders of tomorrow, but recent events have shown they are the leaders of today.

The next Labour government will invest in young people and match their ambition with the money and resources needed to put support back into our communities.

We will take radical steps, from building a National Youth Service to leading a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle the climate crisis, and ensure that every young person can fulfil their potential and feel secure in their future.

And we will get Brexit sorted in six months by giving people the final say – with a choice between a sensible leave deal or remain. We will implement whatever the British people decide.

I would like to thank Cat Smith, the Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs, for leading efforts in the Labour Party to develop new policies for young people. Policies that will transform the lives of young people and change our country for the good.

This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to rebuild and transform our country. The future is ours to make.

It’s time for real change so that no one is held back and no community is left behind.

– Jeremy Corbyn

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