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The Labour Party is a campaigning party at heart, and this doesn’t just mean at election time. All year round, Labour activists can be found going door to door, speaking with voters about the issues affecting them.

There’s always something to look forward to – local Labour Parties run campaigning sessions throughout the year, and they would love to have an extra pair of hands, even if just for an hour or two.

It’s not just door-to-door either, there are plenty of opportunities for activists get involved, you just need to speak to your local party and find out where you fit best. You can also campaign from home using our campaign tool Dialogue to call voters, for free.

You can find out more below, including why we campaign, what’s on near you and what people mean when they chat about calling cards, ‘the board’ and phone banking.

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My next event

Just pop in your postcode and find out when and where your next event is

The difference you can make

Why we campaign and why it makes the difference at election time and more

What is door knocking?

You’ll hear a lot about canvassing in the Labour Party – find out what it means!

Current Campaigns

Find out what campaigns we’re currently working on and how you can take action with us

Campaigning Jargon

GOTV, board runners and Voter ID – find out what people are talking about now


All your campaigning questions answered

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The difference you can make

“To anyone thinking about campaigning – I’d say absolutely go for it! I know it can be a bit nerve-wracking the first time but there’ll always be someone to take you through it”

Emily's first day campaigning