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Community Organising

Introducing Community Organising

The Labour Party: For the Many, By the Many

The Labour Party’s history is steeped in organising in struggling together for better workplaces, better neighbourhoods and for a better world. Labour’s proudest achievement, the NHS, came from mining communities fighting together for fair and free healthcare for working people like them. Now community organising will be key to Labour victories all over again.

In 2017 our hope-filled campaign and unrivalled volunteer base took away Theresa May’s majority, delivering a swing that shocked the country. But, after eight years of austerity, people up and down the country are depending on us to do better. So now let’s imagine if we used our incredible half a million members to build a truly people-powered movement fighting for, and alongside, communities.

While the Tories power their campaigns with elite individuals and tired tactics, our campaigns will be for the many, by the many.

Find out more about community organising, and how Labour will be working with communities to drive campaigns across the country.

A proven path to victory

Hear from one of Labour's new community organisers about how effective community campaigns can be

Building a more powerful party

Learn about how Labour is already making a difference using community organising principles

How you can get involved

Find out how you can get involved in community organising activity across the country

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A proven path to victory

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