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In 2015, Doncaster Labour Party and their MP Ed Miliband were trained in community organising – and lead a listening campaign, spending days speaking to hundreds of people about what they wanted to change in their area.

The company Bright House came up on doorstep after doorstep – with vulnerable people being ripped off renting white goods. It seemed clear that if they took on this issue they could bring all kinds of people together.

Alongside their MP, the fired up local members and the new people they’d met, took on Brighthouse. They called meetings, held protests and made a splash in the newspapers. Then, all because of one united local Labour party, BrightHouse was left red faced and forced to give £15 million pounds to 80,000 customers across the country.

But that wasn’t the only victory, after campaigning and winning together, local members were active, engaged and understood their community better than ever. Now they run campaigns on transport, developing their local high street and creating good jobs for young people – and are even better at beating the Tories come election time.

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