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Community Organising

How you can get involved

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Whether you organise large events with lots people, arrange one on one conversations or talk at a local Labour party meeting, you can find out what matters to people, and what you can do about it. We don’t need to wait for elections – together thousands of us can make real differences to people’s lives even while Labour is in opposition. Here’s how:

  • Organise a meeting to kick off the conversation: what are the issues the people care about? What local organisations are they are involved in and who do they see as local leaders? They might be part of a trade union, charities, social clubs, faith institutions, sports clubs, or community organisations that could help power your campaigns
  • Once you’ve built relationships and feel you have a team, ask for a commitment to help develop and lead campaigns in the local area
  • Set your team a task of having conversations about the issues people care about across your local area
  • Find the winnable campaign issue to work on, whether it’s a local employer, landlord or saving your services
  • Don’t just lead the campaign yourself, reach out to community leaders and speak to a diverse range of passionate people who could become the new leaders in our movement
  • Questions? Get in touch with the team at [email protected]

With the power of digital tools to organise volunteers – whether it’s Whatsapp, video software or text message – and the ability to spread campaign messages on social media, we can build winning teams quicker than ever before.

Our new community organising team is raring to go – but we need you. Help us build a movement for the many, by the many – and together we can transform politics, and this country forever.

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