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Conference Training 2021

Brighton 2021

This year our training programme is designed to ensure that all Labour members can play their part in building local parties that are campaign-ready, outward facing, open and in touch with the needs of every local community that we seek to represent.

We have a dedicated Training and Membership Hub located in the Brighton Centre. You can drop by to sign up for our training sessions, speak to Training and Membership staff, find out about the latest technology to help you organise your campaigns and mobilise your membership, and pick up some of our training resources.

Many of our sessions are very popular and space is limited so we would encourage you to sign up and arrive early for our training sessions – click the links below to RSVP or visit the Training and Membership Hub or Party Stand.

Our full training offer at Labour Party Conference

And if you aren’t at Conference this year you can still take part! Check out our Live from Brighton sessions here.

You can find out more about how Conference works and other training resources at

  • Sign up to training at Conference
  • Sign up to our Live from Brighton sessions broadcast from Conference
  • Download our resources and recordings from Conference

Live from Brighton


Getting involved in the Labour Party

Welcome to the Labour Party
How to get involved in Labour Election Campaigns

Campaign skills training

Is your CLP Campaign-ready?
What makes a good resident survey and how do we publicise it?
Planning your campaign communications
Running a successful Polling Day
Organising an efficient door knocking session
Having effective doorstep conversations
Election Agent Training
Using social media in your local campaigns
Creating an effective local message
Community and influencer mapping

Campaign Technology training

Using Contact Creator to run reports and enter data
Building your own selections in Contact Creator
Entering the marked register and updating absent voters on Contact Creator
Using Insight to create a targeted campaign
Using the Doorstep App
How to use Dialogue to speak to voters
An introduction to Organise
Organise for advanced users
Creating petitions and surveys using Wordpress forms
An introduction to using Connects
Getting started with Facebook ads

Training on running your local party

Engaging and mobilising members
Effective Fundraising
Creating a positive meeting culture
Antisemitism awareness training
Diversifying engagment in your CLP
Equality Officer community mapping
Setting up a Women's Branch in your CLP
CLP Treasurer Training
Understanding data protection

Councillor and candidate training

Managing mental health and wellbeing for councillors
Making an impact in opposition
Be a Councillor
Being an effective council candidate
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Member events at Conference

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