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Training at Connected 2020

From the 19 to the 22 September, Labour are coming together to enjoy four days of keynotes, training, rallies, policy discussions, and an interactive virtual expo with all our movement. This includes three full days of training, with Members of Parliament, Labour councillors and Party staff sharing ideas, top tips and our plans for the future with thousands of members around the country.

During our sessions we highlight many resources that support our training. Below you will find key links to more information referred to in our training. You will also find resources associated with the sessions and, after Connected, there will be recordings of each session here. For even more of our training resources, please visit and


The full programme for Connected is here:

We have a packed training schedule at Connected and know that there’s a lot going on elsewhere across the three days, so to help you plan your time efficiently, we’ve produced some suggested learning pathways. But remember, these are just suggested pathways; all of our sessions are open to all members attending Connected.

Click here to download the pathways document.

Pathway 1 New members
Pathway 2 Activists
Pathway 3 Campaign leads
Pathway 4 Councillors and candidates
Pathway 5 Role holders


Training Team – [email protected]

Local Government Team – [email protected]

Campaign Technology – [email protected]

Labour Membership – [email protected]

Organise – [email protected]


Please scroll through the playlist of recordings to discover each session.

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