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National Youth Ballot FAQs

What is the Young Labour National Committee?
The Young Labour National Committee is the body that brings together all sections of the youth movement. The Committee’s job is to help co-ordinate campaigning activity amongst young members, facilitate events and advise the organisation on matters affecting young people.

What are the criteria for being a candidate?
Information on candidate eligibility for all the positions being elected can be found in the National Youth Elections guide

What are nominations?
Candidates require nominations in order to stand. For some positions in these elections candidates are only required to nominate themselves, for other positions candidates require nominations from at least 50 young members and two nominations from affiliated organisations. In order to make a nomination please click here nominations portal

When do nominations open?
Nominations open on Monday 8 January. You can nominate via the nominations portal.

When do nominations close?
Nominations close at midday Thursday 8 February.

When does the ballot open?
The ballot will begin to go out via email only from Monday 19 February. Not all members will receive their email ballot at the same time as they will be sent out in batches over the following week.

What about postal ballots?
Postal ballots will only be issued to members for whom we do not have an email address. Ballot reissues will open on Friday 23 February, so any member who has not received a ballot by that date should contact the Membership Team on [email protected] and a ballot will be reissued (either via email or post).

When will reissues open?
Reissue requests will be open between Friday 23 February and Wednesday 14 March. To request a reissue, submit our Youth Elections Ballot reissue form, which will be linked to from here on Friday 23 February.
The deadline to request a postal ballot is midday Friday 9 March for those members who don’t have an email address.

Am I able to receive a vote?
To be eligible to participate in this ballot members must be fully paid up members of the party (not in arrears) under the age of 27 as of Thursday 8 February 2018. If you were a member, but your membership was in arrears at this date you will not be eligible to participate.

How will I spot the ballot email?
The email will come from “Labour Party Elections”, [email protected] with the subject ‘Labour Party – National Youth Elections 2018’.

What if I haven’t received the ballot email?

  1. Add [email protected] as a safe sender.
  2. Check your junk and/or spam folder.
  3. Check that you have the right email address registered to your membership.
  4. Check that you are the only person whose membership is registered to that email.
  5. If you are still having problems on or after Friday 23 February, you should contact the Membership Team on [email protected] and a ballot will be reissued (either via email or post).

Who is running the ballot?
The election is being run by Electoral Reform Services on behalf of the Labour Party.

How do I vote?
Eligible members will receive a ballot by email. If no email address is registered to your membership, a postal ballot will be sent.
Once you’ve received your postal ballot you can return your paper ballot using the envelope supplied, or vote online following the instructions and using the unique security code provided. All votes must be received by midday Friday 16 March.

What if I’ve voted online but still receive a postal ballot?
Your vote has already been counted. You do not need to return the postal ballot.

When does the ballot close?
The ballot closes at midday on Friday 16 March. Any votes received after this time will not be counted.

If I have requested a reissue, how long will it take to receive it?
If you have requested a reissue, we will have told you when it should arrive. Reissued ballots will arrive before the deadline to vote of midday Friday 16 March. We recommend you continue to check your inbox and junk/spam folders within this time.

Can I post a picture of my ballot paper online?
To ensure the integrity of the ballot and the security of your details, we strongly advise you do not do this. Each ballot contains codes which are unique to you and can only be used once. By putting these online you risk someone else using your vote.

I’m on holiday, will I miss out?
If you have given us an email address previously, you will have received voting information electronically and you will be able to vote online as long as you can access your email. You have until midday Friday 16 March to vote. We will also send a number of reminder emails if you are yet to cast your vote. If you have not given us an email address and receive a paper ballot, you can still vote online and save the party money by following the instructions in your pack.

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