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Leave a Legacy

Leave a legacy gift to the Labour Party in your will and support our fight for fairness, justice and equality for years to come.

Making a legacy gift

Labour Party values are timeless – and we will never stop fighting to make them a reality. Once you have taken care of family and friends, consider leaving a gift to the Labour Party in your will.

We’ll be happy to chat with you about the different ways to leave a legacy and how straightforward it can be, whether you have an existing will or are about to make one.

Get in touch

Get connected with our Legacy Team for more information.

Making a will

Find out more information about how to make a will.

“To those who are denied it, I leave fairness, opportunity and equality.”

Over 100 years of fairness, justice and equality

Since the Labour Party formed, it has been responsible for delivering important changes that have improved the lives of millions of people in Britain. Some of our proudest achievements include:

  • founding the National Health Service
  • creating the Open University
  • setting of a minimum wage
  • introduced legislation to combat race and sex discrimination
  • creating Sure Start centres

In the world today our Labour government has made life better for millions of the poorest people by cancelling third world debt.

It is through the generous contributions of our members that we can continue fighting for a better Britain, today and always.

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