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Making a complaint

Sexual Harassment Independent Advice Service

Sexual Harassment Independent Advice Service - 020 8683 3311

At the Labour Party we understand how difficult it can be to talk about an experience of sexual harassment. We also understand that the process of progressing a complaint of this nature through a formal procedure can be burdensome and bring up distressing feelings.

That’s why we partnered with an independent charity to provide support for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment in a Labour Party context, whether they choose to progress a complaint or not.

The service allows those affected to get free advice and support from experienced staff at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre through a support line that can be reached on 020 8683 3311. This service is available to people who have experienced any kind of sexual harassment within the Party – not just sexual violence or abuse. Staff at the charity can explain all the options available to you and will support you through the Party’s complaints process if you decide to use it.

If you decide to make a complaint, you can continue to use the advice service throughout the process – not just at the beginning.

For full details of procedure for complaints of sexual harassment, read our Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure.


Who will answer the support line?

The support line is answered by members of staff at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre who have training and experience in dealing with victims of sexual harassment and assault. They will also have extensive knowledge of the Labour Party’s own internal procedures.

If I contact the advice service, will details of what I disclose be passed to the Labour Party?

The support line is completely confidential and details of your contact and anything you discuss will only be passed to the Labour Party with your explicit consent. If the person taking the call has concerns about your safety or the safety of any other person then they may contact the police.

Does the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre only deal with complaints of rape or sexual abuse?

No. The centre deals with those who have experienced all types of sexual harassment from inappropriate comments and behaviour to sexual assault and rape.

I’m not sure I want to make a complaint to the Labour Party but have experienced sexual harassment, can I contact the advice service?

Yes. Contacting the service does not mean you are committing to making a formal complaint through the party. The support line is there to offer support and advice to those who have experienced sexual harassment within the party as well as advice about making a formal complaint and support if you decide to do so.

If I decide to make a formal complaint, will my details be passed to the Labour Party?

Yes, with your consent. Formal complaints will be handled and investigated under the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure. A named independent investigator will be assigned to your case if you choose this route.

If I make a complaint to the party will I receive support through the process?

Yes. You will be allocated a dedicated member of Rape Crisis staff who can arrange to speak to you at various times throughout the process for support and advice. You can also continue to contact the advice line at any point in the process.

What hours is the phone number in operation?

The service support line is available from 10am-6pm from Monday to Friday. If you need extra support outside these hours we suggest you call the Samaritans on 116 123 which is available 24 hours a day.

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