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Supporting your communities during coronavirus

Coronavirus is an unprecedented public health emergency. We can get through this crisis together, looking out for each other.

Our NHS is overstretched and those caring for our most vulnerable are already under-resourced.

Millions of people are in insecure work and potentially facing months without being able to make ends meet. Hundreds of thousands of people are potentially facing social isolation and will need support and community.

What is the Labour Party doing?

The Labour Party has a serious and important role in this crisis in working with the Government and holding it to account.

We released our plan to protect people’s wages, welfare and wellbeing

We will also support our communities and create opportunities for our members to organise safe and supportive community-led responses, in line with official public health advice.

Our priority is the health of our members and staff, and contributing to the collective effort to protect public health. Local parties must follow government advice, and health and safety guidelines, in relation to this outbreak.

What can I do to help during the coronavirus crisis?



The best way to show solidarity during this crisis will be to take official Government advice seriously. Furthermore, take care that you are not passing on the infection to others around you. Take care of yourself, your family, friends and neighbours as an immediate priority. Follow NHS guidance, and look to your local council for updates and hotlines.

Here are some further ideas for how to organise in your community.

Five ways Labour activists can support their communities and each other

  1. Chat with your local members

    Using Labour’s phone banking tool, chat with your local members. Find out what their needs are and if they need any help picking up supplies or walking their dog. A phone call can go a long way when you’re in isolation.

  2. Arrange a no-contact drop off for supplies and prescriptions for those in need without any support.

    North West Durham CLP are already doing a fantastic job of supporting their community. Check this out 👇

    NW Durham CLP coronavirus community assistance graphic

  3. Build and grow community groups through social media

    Set up a local Facebook Group to organise how you can support each other. These can be safe, non-political spaces to organise and communicate advice, signposting and news.

  4. Connect to the Covid19 Mutual Aid Groups

    Make sure your friends, family and networks know about The Covid19 Mutual Aid Groups that are popping up across the country.

  5.  Support your local foodbank

    Support your local foodbank with food, financial donations and the offer of volunteering. Check out how Bolton North East CLP are helping to support their foodbanks. 

If you want to know more about how to support your local community, get in touch with @LabourByTheMany, our Community Organising team, who can share their top tips with you.  We can get through this crisis together, looking out for each other.

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