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Why your donations are so important

We're a people-powered movement

The Labour Party is a mass movement, powered entirely by the dedication, campaigning, and generosity of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people from every part of Britain.

That engagement and those donations become the leaflets, the adverts, the training of activists, the campaigning events, and the technologies and tools to reach more people and put Labour values into action.

“Our Party is built on the individual donations from members and supporters participating, and giving what they can for a cause they believe in. That means all of our members have a say in shaping our party, and everyone is making a difference. It means you power our party. You fund and energise our campaigns. You make the difference.

And now we need to be ready for the local, Mayoral and Police Commissioner elections that lie before us, and laying the foundations for the next General Election. We will not stand by while the Tories tear our communities apart and push more people into the margins through lack of investment and with policies that don’t tackle poverty and injustice. We need investment to make our campaigning resources the best and most effective they can be – from training for activists to new and better technologies that connect with voters and spread our message on the doorstep and online.

People are investing in the Labour Party every day to campaign for issues that matter to communities across our country, with their time, money and enthusiasm – and that investment is what can make the difference in all upcoming elections. That’s how change happens. That’s how we create the better, fairer, more equal future we all want to see. So however you’re investing, thank you.”

– Jennie Formby, General Secretary

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