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51 days in 2017

51 days in 2017

How Labour fought the biggest people-powered political campaign in British history, delivering our largest increase in vote share since 1945, is a remarkable story in modern campaigning.

Headed by Jeremy, steered by our positive manifesto, and driven by hundreds of thousands of members, it was a campaign of which we can all be immensely proud.

When the election was called, we sprang into action with hundreds of events attended by thousands of members, and £1 million raised in the first week alone.

Behind the scenes, new technologies we’d been working hard to develop were about to be used for the first time.

  • Our cutting-edge online advertising reached voters in a more sophisticated way than previously possible.
  • Unprecedented levels of funding from ordinary members and supporters everywhere meant we could develop these systems and ensure the right messages reached the right voters.
  • New innovations got more people involved in our campaign than ever before. Over 85,000 volunteers were mobilised through text messages, emails and online tools.

Though we still have work to do to achieve a Britain for the many, not the few, the advances and achievements of 2017 would not have been realised without the generosity of Labour Party members and supporters everywhere.

Over £5 million was given in small donations - a record breaking amount for a British political party. Your contributions were vital to funding the new elements of our campaign.

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