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A Gift in your Will

Leave the Labour Party a gift in your Will

We’re proud that our party is powered by the contributions of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people from all across the country. We are also incredibly thankful that so many people share our values and choose to be part of our movement.

Your legacy

Making a Will can be a deeply personal experience, as you consider what has been most important to you throughout your life, how you will be remembered and how the people and causes you love will be cared for.

These are decisions you will want to take your time over and most likely discuss with those closest to you.

Choosing to include the Labour Party in either a new or existing Will is a perfect way to pledge your lasting support to our movement.

We’ll be happy to chat with you about the different ways to leave a legacy and how straightforward it can be, whether you have an existing will or are about to make one.

Making a Will

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Your Gift

Gifts left to the Party will be directed towards our Future Fund created to ensure we always have the financial resources needed to meet the challenges ahead.

The Fund will be drawn on to provide funding for future necessities, whether that be a by-election fund, candidate training, developing grassroots democracy or another snap General Election.

While of course we do not know what the issues of the day will be in advance, if there is a particular area that is important to you, then our Fundraising Team will be able to talk you through how your gift could be used in the best possible way to meet the party’s needs, and fulfill your wishes.

Today’s Labour Party will continue to hold dear our values, to campaign for the vision of a better, fairer, kinder country.

Just as we want to pass on a better country to the next generation, so too are we responsible for preserving the Labour Party as a champion of fairness and equality for years to come.

Jeremy Corbyn
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