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Just a pound or two a month makes a difference

You’ll have heard it before, but every little really does help! Each pound we raise makes a difference, and over time small amounts add up and power us to do amazing work.

Just £5 a month – little more than one pound a week – over the course of a full five year election cycle could provide a local party with a new computer, or single-handedly cover a constituency in Vote Labour posters on polling day.

Regular donations are hugely important and make an ongoing difference to our movement. They allow the party to plan and invest in innovative, winning campaigns.

Can you make a monthly investment in Labour’s campaigns? Set up a new monthly donation by direct debit – it’ll only take two minutes and all you’ll need are your bank details.

Giving a few pounds a month is manageable for me, and it's good to know I can do my bit to help the party plan.

Julia in Sunderland

If you would rather make a donation by post, or for any other questions about new or existing donations to the Labour Party, please contact us.

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A monthly donation to the Labour Party

You can make an ongoing difference in our fight for equality, fairness and social justice with a regular donation.

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