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Labour's plan to rebuild youth services

Rebuilding Youth Services

The Tories have slashed £1 billion from youth services. Our young people deserve better than this. Our young people deserve a Labour Government that will invest in them and their future.

The Tories have failed young people. They have slashed £1 billion from youth services in our communities since 2010, leaving gaping holes where there used to be clubs and support for young people. They’ve closed 750 youth centres and cut more than 14,000 youth and community jobs.

Too many young people have nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to help them with their problems.

At the same time, knife crime is soaring and young people are affected by mental ill-health, loneliness and homelessness more and more each day.

“Only Young Once”

Our young people deserve much better than this. Labour will do things very differently. “Only Young Once” is our bold vision for rebuilding youth services across the whole country. 

Labour will match the ambition of our young people with the money and resources needed to put support back into our communities.

We’ll invest in a new youth service, across Britain, built for and by young people.

We will recruit and train the skilled and caring youth workers we need.

The next Labour Government will invest in young people, because you’re only young once. We have one chance to get this right.

Find out about our vision for rebuilding youth services in our video.

Find out about our vision for rebuilding youth services in our report below.

The experiences of our youth can shape our entire future lives. Our young people should be supported in adolescence, a time that should be as full of wonder and as free from trouble as possible. With each young person we have just one chance to get it all right.

Jeremy Corbyn

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