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Coronavirus is the biggest crisis our country has faced in a generation. Although our immediate attention is on responding to this pandemic, as we recover we must build a better society. The decisions made over the coming months and years will fundamentally alter people’s lives for generations to come.

That’s why we want to hear from you about the values that should underpin our policy platform as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis. This year’s consultation gives you the opportunity to tell us how we should approach some of the most pressing issues in our society, from the future of our health and social care services to how the economy should be reshaped. Click on the policy commission you want to contribute to below, and have your say.

Economy, Business and Trade

Have your say on how we can ensure Britain’s economy is fairer and more sustainable after coronavirus.

Health and Social Care

Let us know how we can strengthen the health and social care system, so that it delivers the best care in the world and ensures we properly reward our key workers.

Environment, Energy and Culture

Tell us what you think the next steps are for Labour's Green New Deal, and how we can build a post-Coronavirus economy that works for our planet.

Justice and Home Affairs

Give us your views on how we can make devolution work better for the people of Britain.

Education, Early Years and Skills

Let us know what you think the education system should look like after coronavirus.

Work, Pensions and Equality

Have your say on how we can build a fair and just social security system.

Housing, Local Government and Transport

Councils have been on the front line supporting our communities during this crisis. Tell us how we can empower local government as we rebuild.


Have your say on how Britain can play a central role in the global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.