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Britain needs a government that works for the whole country. When Labour says we stand for the many not the few, we mean we will build a fairer country, where no one is held back and every community has its fair share of wealth and power.

The harmful inequality that scars our society is not an act of God or a law of physics. It is the result of deliberate Conservative government policy that has made us one of the most unequal countries in Europe – both between the billionaires at the very top and everybody else, and between the different parts of the UK.

It’s time to bring a divided country together so we can get on with delivering the real change Britain needs. To drive that change we will unleash a record investment blitz, getting the economy moving in every corner of our country.

This is about the jobs at the end of your road. It’s about breathing new life into your area; reviving your high street; restoring the pride to your community.

Our investment blitz will upgrade our infrastructure in every town, city and region, and rebuild our schools, hospitals, care homes and housing. This is investment on a scale our country has never known.

Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives tried to wipe out British industry in the 1980s. This Conservative government is continuing that legacy. Over the last decade almost half a million manufacturing jobs have been lost.

The wealthy and powerful who have the system rigged in their favour will tell you that real change isn’t possible. They’ll say it’s unrealistic. They’ll say we cannot afford decent housing, free education, or well-paid, secure jobs.

But we know change is not only possible, but necessary. This election is our last chance to tackle the climate and environmental emergency and a once in a generation chance to transform our country, take on the vested interests and ensure that no community is left behind.

So the next Labour government will rebuild our economy and bring our country back together by kick-starting a Green Industrial Revolution that will make every region a world-leader in green industries – the cutting edge industries of the future.

Labour will put wealth and power in the hands of the many. Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, who think they’re born to rule, will only look after the privileged few.

So we’re going after the tax dodgers. We’re going after the dodgy landlords. We’re going after the bad bosses. We’re going after the big polluters. Because we know whose side we’re on – your side.

And when Labour wins, the nurse wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker wins, the engineer wins. Every region wins. We all win.

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