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The Conservatives are selling the NHS to Donald Trump. These are Boris Johnson’s lies – exposed.

During the Leaders debate, Boris Johnson said that any trade talks with Donald Trump were “an absolute invention”. But Jeremy Corbyn has revealed the 451-page unredacted document proving that the Tories have been in talks with the US for over two years. 

These uncensored documents leave Boris Johnson’s denials in absolute tatters.

These reports cover six rounds of talks running from July 2017 until just a few months ago. The meetings took place in both Washington DC and London.

This election is now a fight for the survival of our National Health Service as a public service free for all at the point of need.

Medicine prices

Labour and experts said big US corporations want to force up the price our NHS pays for drugs as part of the toxic deal being negotiated with Trump

The Conservatives said this was nonsense. The documents show that Labour and experts were right, and negotiations have gone even further than we feared. The US and UK have already finished initial discussions on lengthening patents for medicines.

Longer patents mean only one thing – more expensive drugs. Lives will be put at risk as a result of this.

Many out-of-patent medicines available cheaply here are vastly more expensive under patent law in the US.

The drug Humira for Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis costs our NHS £1,409 a packet. In the US, the same packet costs £8,115.

Get the difference – £1,409 in our NHS, £8,115 in the USA.

Dr Andrew Hill has warned the NHS could have to hand over £500 million a week more for medicines following a toxic Trump deal.

On page 51, UK officials report that “patent issues” around “NHS access to generic drugs will be a key consideration” in talks. US officials have “pushed hard,” the reports says, for longer patents for US drug companies.

US Big pharma has ripped off and endangered the health of the American people for years.

And now these secret reports show they’re looking to do the same to us – if the Conservatives are elected on December 12th.

For months, Labour has been reminding the public that Boris Johnson cannot be trusted because he will sell off the NHS to his cronies overseas.

And we were right.

Watch this video from August when we found out that in a Trump trade deal, the cost of medicine would skyrocket.

You can't trust Boris Johnson with our NHS

You can't trust Boris Johnson with our NHS. With a No Deal Brexit, your family’s medicine costs could skyrocket to unaffordable USA prices once Boris Johnson strikes a trade deal with Donald Trump.

Posted by The Labour Party on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The NHS is on the table

When Donald Trump visited the UK in June, he made it very clear that the NHS was on the table in a trade deal. He said “When you’re dealing in trade, everything is on the table NHS or anything else.” The Tories denied it. But Trump was right, and so are we.

The new breed of trade deals are not only – or even mainly – about tariffs on goods at the border. They are also about services – including our health service.

These documents make clear that for the US, to quote page 41 of the third meeting report, “everything is included unless something is specifically excluded.”

They want “Total market access” as the “baseline assumption of the trade negotiations.”

On behalf of the Conservative government, officials reassured their counterparts that “the US should expect the UK to be a liberalising influence” and that together they could “fly the good flag for services liberalisation.”

That’s a green light for breaking open Britain’s public services so corporations can profit from.

Channel 4’s Dispatches caught Boris Johnson out for lying about the trade talks.

Boris Johnson denied it, but Channel 4 was right.

The government is having secret talks with the US about the NHS

The government has been caught out having secret talks with the US about NHS trade deals. And while these talks are taking place, it’s the NHS and patients who are suffering.Labour created the NHS and we will always take care of it. Share this to let people know the facts.

Posted by The Labour Party on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Johnson-Trump alliance will profit from the sickness of British people.

Mega-corporations see Boris Johnson’s alliance with Donald Trump as a chance to make billions from the illness and sickness of people in this country.

Officials have discussed a system to give corporations the power to sue our country. This is not only a plot against our NHS. It is a plot against the whole country.

These sell-out negotiations with Trump cover everything from food safety, to gender discrimination rules, to workers’ rights.

We cannot let our hard-won rights, protections and freedoms erode when Donald Trump gets his hands on our country.

Labour will not let this rest because, unlike the Conservatives, we’re not on the side of the billionaires and the bankers.

We’re on the side of the nurse, the doctor, the patient and the people and we will never sell out our National Health Service.

Here’s what that would look like for food standards: chlorinated chicken, rat hairs and maggots.

Boris Johnson's deal with Trump would mean lowering food standards.

Earlier this week, a leaked Government document revealed that Boris Johnson's trade deal with Trump would mean lowering our food standards.Make sure people know about this.

Posted by The Labour Party on Friday, October 11, 2019

Watch Jeremy Corbyn expose the truth: Boris Johnson has lied about having trade talks with the US.

Revealed: Boris Johnson lied about trade talks with the US

At 10am, we will be making a major announcement about our NHS. Make sure you tune in.

Posted by The Labour Party on Wednesday, November 27, 2019