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Introducing our Deputy Leader

A message from Tom Watson

Tom Watson is MP for West Bromwich East, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Shadow Culture Secretary.

The Labour Party was created to stand up for working people and to tackle injustice wherever it occurs and whatever form it takes. That’s why I became a party member aged 14 and that’s why I stood for Parliament in 2001.

It’s the reason I have campaigned for the Labour Party since I first stuffed leaflets into envelopes in my parent’s living room as a young kid during the General Election campaign of 1974.

Before I came into politics I was a union official, fighting for the rights of employees in the workplace.

After I was elected, I was fortunate enough to serve as a Minister in successive Labour governments under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

When Labour was in power we changed our country for the better, creating the minimum wage, introducing civil partnerships and lifting millions of children and pensioners out of poverty.

But there is still so much more to do. The next Labour government will create a country in which everyone can fulfil their potential and no one is held back by the circumstances of their birth.

That’s what makes Labour the people’s party. We believe that it’s only by harnessing the abilities of everyone that we can make Britain a fairer and more prosperous place.

Campaigning in a general election once every few years is not enough. We need to fight for Labour values every day, stand up to the powerful and speak up for the many not the few.

The knowledge that we’re part of a movement that’s a century old and over half a million strong give us the strength to do that. We believe that when we stand together we’re stronger than when we stand alone.

And together, we will build a fairer country.

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