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Anneliese Dodds’ jobs, jobs, jobs speech

We need a Back To Work Budget with a focus on jobs, jobs, jobs.

In her first major speech as Shadow Chancellor, Anneliese Dodds MP will call on the government to “recognise the scale of the challenge we face” by committing to a “Back to Work Budget focused on jobs, jobs, jobs”, and will set out her four tests the Chancellor’s ‘Summer Economic Statement’ must meet to deliver for Britain.

Anneliese’s four tests for the recovery:

  • A focus on creating, supporting and protecting jobs
  • That it produces a bounce-back effect across the country
  • That every project announced is carbon neutral or carbon reducing
  • That the government commits, at the very least, to not increase taxes or cut support for low and middle-income people, during the recovery period

Tune in to Anneliese’s speech at 9:30am on Friday 3 July



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