Thursday 23 July 2020 / 4:07 PM Bridget Phillipson / Press Releases

A sorry catalogue of Government failure – Bridget Phillipson

Bridget Phillipson MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, commenting on the Public Accounts Committee investigation into the Government response to the pandemic, said:

“It gives us no pleasure to see the Committee echo concerns Labour has been pressing for months.

“It seems not to have occurred to the Tories that when hundreds of thousands of people are falling ill or can’t work safely, that has economic consequences.

“Procurement was flawed and PPE distribution was inadequate. Even now, plans for a second spike of infection aren’t in place, and industries like aviation, aerospace, steel and automotive urgently need targeted support.

“It is a sorry catalogue of Government failure. Their planning was incompetent and their response has been slow. We urgently need the Prime Minister to get a proper grip on tackling the pandemic, link up the health and economic responses, and get test track and isolate working properly so people have confidence again.”


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