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Andrew Gywnne response to Theresa May’s speech

Gywnne MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister Without Portfolio
, responding to Theresa May’s
speech today, said:

take more than a speech and a slogan for Theresa May to convince people that
she wants to tackle division in society.

Tories should be judged on what they have done in government: over the last six
years they have systematically failed to stand up for the majority. Under the
Tories those at the top have been given tax breaks while everyone else suffers,
working people have had vital support cut and our NHS is being run into the

health is a case study in Tory failure. Repeatedly the Tories give speeches
saying they will give mental health parity with physical health, but their
record is dismal: spending on mental health fell by £600 million in the last
parliament, money intended for children’s mental health goes to other
priorities and there are thousands fewer mental health nurses than when the
Tories came to power.”