Saturday 27 July 2019 / 8:36 AM Andy McDonald / Rail

Andy McDonald MP, responds to Prime Minister’s Manchester-Leeds Rail Route Announcement

Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement of a Manchester-Leeds Rail Route, said:

“This project has been announced time and time again by the Conservatives.

“With Boris Johnson’s staggering failure to build a bridge across the Thames and an estuary airport I’m not confident he’ll be able to deliver better train services between Leeds and Manchester.

“What we really need is Labour’s Crossrail for the North, from Liverpool to Hull and up to the North East to unleash the economic potential of the region.

“Just upgrading the rail between Leeds and Manchester – the same distance as the Central line on the London Underground – won’t achieve that.

“And I want that to start now, with improvements that can happen in the short term, not just big engineering schemes that will take years.”