Tuesday 26 December 2017 / 7:29 PM 2017 Press Archive / The Latest from Labour

Angela Rayner commenting on the Government’s recent announcement to stop no-platforming speakers

Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, commenting on the Government’s recent announcement telling universities to stop no-platforming speakers, said:

“It is a false choice to suggest that universities are either places of free enquiry or places of safety. They can be both. Denying access to groups and individuals who incite violence and hatred is a perfectly sensible step to keep students safe from harm.

“The NUS has a ‘no-platform’ policy for a handful of racist, anti-Semitic and extremist organisations, some of which the Government itself has also banned. If Jo Johnson is opposed to that policy, he needs to be clear which of those groups he actually wants on campus. Otherwise, this so-called announcement is just another meaningless gimmick from a Government that has run out of ideas.”