Sunday 17 January 2021 / 6:55 PM Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner comments on Shaun Bailey’s remarks about working class families

Angela Rayner MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, commenting on Shaun Bailey’s remarks about working class families, said:


“This is a disgusting attack on working class families, revealing the true colours of the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London.


“The contempt with which the Conservative Party treats hard-pressed families with has made been clearer this week, with our nation’s hungry children left to rely on poverty ration food parcels.


“Working class parents know a lot more about spending money wisely than Conservative Ministers who waste taxpayers’ money on disgracefully inadequate food parcels and line the pockets of profiteering firms.


“Shaun Bailey must immediately apologise for these disgraceful comments. I would be happy to invite him to meet families who are getting by on Universal Credit and low wages so they can educate him about just how wrong he is and he can apologise to them himself.”