Monday 2 September 2019 / 9:49 AM Angela Rayner / Education

Angela Rayner response to DfE announcement on teachers’ salaries

Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to the DfE’s announcement on teachers’ salaries, said:

“After sitting at the Cabinet table agreeing to years of real terms pay cuts for teachers, Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson have finally admitted that austerity has failed our schools. But even now, teachers will have to wait years for the promised pay rise, and there is every chance that if there is a disastrous no-deal Brexit this will be yet another promise that isn’t kept.

“With recruitment targets missed for six years running and teachers flooding out the classroom, we need urgent action to retain the most experienced teachers, as well as recruit new staff.

“It was deeply alarming to learn from leaked documents last week that Ministers are planning on attack on vital support staff such as teaching assistants, and today’s announcement has provided no reassurances at all. They can’t tackle teachers’ workload by axing the staff who support them in the classroom.

“The free-market experiment in teachers’ pay has failed. The Education Secretary should make clear that academy chains will not be allowed to undercut pay or this announcement will be meaningless in thousands of schools.

“A Labour government would not only end the Tories’ cuts to schools and pay, but restore standards for school support staff, and create a national teacher supply service to tackle the workforce crisis.”