Tuesday 12 October 2021 / 5:23 PM Foreign Policy / Jenny Chapman / Northern Ireland / Trade

Baroness Jenny Chapman responds to Lord David Frost’s speech

Baroness Jenny Chapman, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Task Force Europe, responding to Lord David Frost’s speech on the Northern Ireland Protocol, said:

“Today was an opportunity for the Government to reset relations with our partners in the EU after a fractious start to our new relationship. Instead of approaching the occasion with maturity and in the spirit of cooperation, Lord Frost has effectively asked to rip up the agreement he negotiated – and the Prime Minister signed – just two years ago.

“For months, Labour has been calling on the Government to drop the rhetoric and make the Northern Ireland Protocol work for businesses and consumers on both sides of the Irish Sea. Contrary to moving on from Brexit, senior Tories appear desperate to use a tussle with Brussels to distract from their domestic failures – whether on Covid, the energy crisis, or the needless culling of thousands of pigs.

“The route to improving the Brexit deal is simple: secure a veterinary agreement to free up the movement of goods and take up the offer of a visa-waiver for workers across the creative industries. Why is Lord Frost insisting on wrapping businesses and performers in the red tape that his fellow Ministers claim to hate?”