Tuesday 14 May 2019 / 4:14 PM Tracy Brabin

Baseline assessment sign ups fall – Tracy Brabin responds

Tracy Brabin MP, Labour’s Shadow Early Years Minister, commenting on the fall in the number of schools signed up to the government’s baseline assessment, said:

“Our pupils are some of the most tested in the world, but there is no evidence that the current high-stakes testing regime improves teaching and learning. Teachers do not want yet another new set of tests imposed, yet the government is wasting millions of taxpayers’ money forcing through an ideological experiment to test children as young as four – for no discernible benefit.

“The next Labour government will support our teachers to teach a wider range of subjects, knowledge and skills, instead of just teaching to the test. Replacing the current system, including these Baseline Assessments, will reduce the burden of testing on children and teachers, encourage a broad curriculum and separate the assessment of schools from the assessment of young children.”